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Atheos Dewy (Indie Recordings 2016)

   Extreme Metal collaborations seems to be a terrible odd creativity gone madly wrong to some by the ears of listeners spoiling themselves just for enjoying Pop culture shitty products but for the reality and stepping aside the dark path or tunnel of thus sorrow and terrible on facing your own demons at the end of the road or daily life expanding momentary of lapse might regarding more thick membranes and might – even when you need to be damned evil to reaching Heavy Metal extremity as possible may becoming the background for about how the reasons Samoth of Emperor/Zyklon teaming up with Cosmo (Mindgrinder) for their third installments so far – In These Woods, From These Mountains as The Wretched End. Blending format of extremities beyond chaotic or brutality sounded professional and harmonic while you did digging the musical performance through the album, bashing noises of live bands with the endless double pedals wrath to the non-stop melodic and heavy screaming off Black Metal onto Death Metal by choices exploding all the way within Generic Drone, Misery Harbour, Old Norwegian Soul and Primordial Freedom or Burrowing Deep. 

One will never been disappointed by the Oslo’s extreme products.