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Asstroglide Layne Rest (Integrity Records 2004)

If you think Courtney Love is already weird for having satiric life stories, semi-legendary Grunge queen or being infamous for being slut-celebrity figure already enough; you need to knock and entered Kat Bjelland’s world where her ex-husband and new boyfriend can be with her in a particular one band of Hard Rock/Grunge project which used to built as an insult for Bjelland’s crazy life-style sexual and roaring guitars with screaming vocals and Riotgrrl’s rage influences on praising the dominance of female figure in Rock Music, remains on Katastrophy Wife album – All Kneel that vomiting Punk Rock and Alternative Metal in mid-tempo ringer blasts as Kat did all the vocals and guitars while her boyfriend Darren Donovan beating the drum-skin as Andrew Parker busting the bass-lines for delivering mad-wreckage tunes like Money Shot, Liberty Belle, Sweetheart or the slower Grunge ballad on Blue Valiant. 

Not a soundtrack for the mixture of Ice Cream & Cigarettes …    

All Kneel: