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Arnica Mary Ann (Flydaddy Records 1996)

   Lesser abrasive than the beautiful Veruca Salt but also not as Hardcore as the lunatic older version of Courtney Love’s Hole or Babes in Toyland but having a great monumental riff-age for soften distorted music of Seattle’s brought and born feelings plus the sounds; you need to listening for Mavis Piggott because these two smart girls drummer Nicole “Nicky” Thomas and guitarist/vocalist Meghan Adkins relocating from Washington D.C to the West Coast bursting into a softer roaming within thee from them. 
You Can be Low is a must immediate record being released by these Grungy women to the freelance audiences. 
   Everything’s luxuriously independent while you try to listening to gorgeous urban rebellion atmosphere Constellations, Theory, T.R or Kitten because 3151 Loveseat, Tense Money and Thuja might be a Pop-Grunge dreams come true to you who loves to collecting this great Modern Rock music from the nineties up to today. 

You Can Be Low: