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Arm Put Around Me (Bandcamp 2015)

A project of soloist but eventually not a home-made features confrontations over the blending of modern noise sounds via the Electro-Dance, Rap Music or Hip-Hop with plenty of Pop sweetening as the special thanking goes onto the performers helping her out; meet Xania Keane the main mistress of this lot beat-making musical of independent Synth-Pop culture show and her hard-working friends including executive producer Maria Lara and music engineer Robert Donachie for the release of this substantive liquid form of good sensuality for sell Dance-Rock for All Alone Together album. 
Feel the sensational touches through those remarkable mixing and simple bumpy beat reactivated within the old meets the new school tempo-type like almost interracial gift for your white girlfriend’s birthday among the tracks like Y.O.U, I’m Broke, Gotham City onto Dance with The Robot and Take You Back – crazily hilarious but never shall losing respects from the experts after trying this lady female disc jocky-ing kinda shit ! 

All Alone Together: