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An End Beginning (Bandcamp 2010)

   Patrick Alberts (vocals, guitars), Taylor Iversen (vocals, bass guitar) and Gordon Koch (drums) with Ben “Circle” Pitts (guitars) releasing a beasty semi-Doomy/Sludge and Extreme Progressive Metal storm onto the world within the thickest distortions, excellent skills onto the fainted themes about revenge, wrath messages to the doomsday appreciation-based to destroying the surroundings by killing the hope as fortune goddess flies high and run from your sights while Black Sleep of Kali comes closer brought Our Slow Decay affections of full studio release in five songs format. 
Shaking not only Denver area but you invited to feel the anger sounds by progress and metallic mixture through the bonafide violent texture of blasts according to The Crow and The Snake, In Time, The Great Destroyer or There Is Nothing … 

Yes, potentially – a destructive art works.   

Our Slow Decay: