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Aloisi Ahab (Stay Little Music 2013)

   Calmly flows within thus folkish-based with no commercial intrigues to share or bare but sending outside their quite peaceful and rural lyrics and messages to the worldwide as a cymrucana rock musical band from South Wales; Pontypridd to be exact, Climbing Trees quartet featuring Matthew Frederick (piano, guitar, vocals), Colenso Jones (guitar, bass, vocals), Martin Webb (guitar, bass, vocals) and James Bennetts (drums, vocals) giving you Hebron as their first offer since being established and further more needs no introduction for its enriched sounds that collectively, mixing an acoustic/live music Alternative Rock, Folk-Pop, Gospel to slow tunes memorabilia there on the album. 
   One will love to listening more after two or three tracks playing right after the Burning Candle goes onto Happen, Under The Lindens or River Home. 

Missing what’s left behind for quite so long, aren’t you ?