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Alien Anthem (Independent 2017)


   You loving the Shoegaze-Pop listed of Alternative female acts in the mid of nineties don’t you ? So, if you do liking the names like Fiona Apple, Fader, Mazzy Star or the softener spot from Nico and The Velvet Underground respectively, you will dig hard Gabrielle Cohen’s music a lot.
   An acoustic semi-live chords of Alternative Pop made of Melbourne – Australia by the debut female artist on her debut album of Full Closure and No Details (North American Customers) is about her guitar tones fully aesthetic in colors and benefits over the social issues and daily story on family by herself as they’re written onto songs and recorded professionally soft but never fails to make the audiences surprisingly smiles and feeling comfortable for listening to I Don’t Feel So Alive, Sever The Walls, Yesterday and Beaches – like the story-telling of the time between the sixties revolution of Pop music until the relevant gate leaving the nineties mold modernism – being sounded bravely bold female version of Lou Reed-coustic in the talented hands of a girl like her !