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AJ:NA (E-Wave Records 2001)

   The Dance-Electro unit created in its form by the two different names of mastering project of noise and sounds sampling with a background and heavy influenced by the late New Wave Goth sequencers, Industrial-Pop, Krautrock or even Progressive Rock format from the late seventies – these are Felix Flaucher and Axel Kretschmann the founding fathers of Silke Bischoff (naming after the murdered young girl on the Germany Gladbeck’s bankrobbery in 1988 of August) with an adiition of Frank Schwer as their third members after the releasing of their second album. Of those whom liking to listening into the Industrial-Pop Rock Electro like the group’s latest recording by the release date and means that this as an example of how developing of Silke Bischoff’s sounds already growing and changing in a better shapes since the beginning and follow the marks of the new millennium underground fusion not mainstream trends would be enough for them to be creative by making this sensual recording entitled - Phoenix From The Flames within the Down-Tempo and Synth-Pop of non-questionable asked themes which all went through and closing not for thrilling minds or the feelings but exactly, build-up grace and myths into a daily formats to be written into lyrics and music as the songs of relaxing beats and imaginative hallucinations from Shining Star, Marry Me, Down In The Park, Wie Eine Feder sparkling some of thus modern Dance-Electro mid-tempos or rather cooling down slower tune but never fails to make your heart dancing. A sexy music for everyone !