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Adios Chevy Pie (Crypt Records 1994)

Where there’s Punk Rock and Country blends, there’s hope for white man group and through that facts we got Nine Pound Hammer given their American Punk Rock version from Lexington, KY as founded by vocalist Scott Luallen and guitarist Blaine Cartwright in the early eighties and since then delivering much albums to proclaiming themselves as the mid-west Punk of the redneck-cowboys via the third recording; Hayseed Timebomb that flicks more Rock N’ Roll and Punk classic of mid-tempo fast licks or riffs barely, good enough to give you a punchy taste for a pogo-pound or hillbilly dancing with the hottest girls around your farmland area following Devil’s Playground, Shakey Puddin’, Wreck of The Old 97 or Run Fat Boy Run all the way through Slam Bang to win the contest for harvest orgy weekend. 

Hayseed Timebomb: