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Absconder Sugar (Bandcamp 2011)

   For the fans of some Emo-Rock start-up names or lesser known ones like As Cities Burn, MewithoutYou or Manchester Orchestra; this college-mates formed group from Chattanooga, Tennessee actually, consisting of Kirk Ellis, Chris Williams, Caleb Katches and Corey Snipes shall slowly getting known a little bit better by the smaller local fans and some more outsiders who had a chance for listening them as having a great haunting vocals gang to the used of more unconventional musical instruments such as cello or violin in elegant format strings to energetic and irresistible drumming and beats rhythmic possible on the record just as good as this objective E.P album from Rigoletto – Prodigal Again which combining better melodic Folk-Rock, Post Hardcore and intensive Post-Rock experiments for the best efforts to make you the listeners interest by their taste. Whether we found out the way to help the giant whale that lost its way or maybe trying to give the band sums money donations by purchasing this album; the love for good music that includes romance to death to complexity to questions needing the answers just like the songs of An Enemy Did This or Lamp Post seeing the reality as not in good or bad but more to the between both worlds border where everyone should be equal and pain shall easily mend by melodies but everyone knows that nothing last forever – right ?

Prodigal Again: