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Frieda Pass (Not On Label 2016)

The windy of thin particles of materials carried within the sands by airborne and wandering under the clouds or not far from the vaporizing desert water surface brought onto the real honest intentions with the Mt. Mountain music – a brand unit of Perth, Australia that familiar to Psychedelic Rock as well as the group members; drummer Thomas Cahill, bassist Brendan Shanley, the guitarists – Glenn Palmer and Derrick Treatch and vocalist Steve Bailey broading their knowledge and added more themes of hallucinating natural force around us, sometimes telling you what to do or the immediate danger closer from a far distance if you listening quite focused enough, then you will be safe for a longer more of time within Cosmos Terror. 

Seek The Sun might sharing how the energizing of a giant star also can be ended real soon not to be predicted but surely will as after the eight minutes more comes Diablo; the essential demonic possessions in short story/lyrics as you continuing the information with Moon Desire or Elevation. Everything is certain – you just wait and see …

Cosmos Terror:

Glistening Blues (Bandcamp 2015)

Grieved-Official (the band) ejaculates out from Stockholm – Sweden and blasting the group’s groovy brutal Hardcore mission launch like a gigantic rocket from somewhere of secret European aerodynamic and outer-space project base would be as like this Samaritans recording piece that can easily burn you out of your comfort-zone while feasting onto the band’s chaotic album. 

A quartet whose musically pumping the veins by a mature motions as the pours of emotionally anger-driven, guitar distorting developments, killer riffs and powerful bashing rhythm sections by obscurity might getting heavier in passionate results as one cranking a loud volume experience via The Attrition of Reason, Schemes, They Dream and Pale Hands. 

The audiences have been warned not to get too closer and in touch within these hazardous materials from Stockholm Metal show ! 


Veneer Cancelled (Bandcamp 2016)

There’s a Electro-Metal-Core party for your brains not your pants and its packaging inside the mini recording being actually released by Bust.e, Dean, Sven, Damion and Goss for the gross-bruto blasting products onto the unleashing beast group of their own: Unveiling The Skies.

An album entitled Promnightmare from Munich – Germany let your ears bleeding but entertaining better with some teenager’s themes and painfully lust over regrets within the breaking-through horrors of Faceless Graves or Chuck Norris is Your Mom or Wreckage (feat. Domme from Stonem) as a background of a hopeless life for lonely girls too beautiful to get wasted alone and be head-bang hard, jumping, drunk and not just be silly in merry !


Slipping Again (Sub Culture Records 2014)

Variations of bad weather colder dreams and fanatic solutions on finishing an unfaithful world of yourself reflecting towards how Techno, Dance Electro of New Wave music scene had to offers and London, UK got its own picking as your friendly side through Naked Lunch; an oldie group from the started career times back to the late seventies by being influenced from Ultravox to Kraftwerk due to all of these modern hedonistic days more resemblance sounded reasonable for this type of performance like them members: Paul M. Davies, Mick Clarke, Tony Mayo, Clifford Chapman or Mark Living. 
Along with the e.p sessions of Evolve burst the monotonous dark-beats of dead-clubber in small flicks of New Wave sounds for the next generation added on the four tracks there; whether Alone or We Are might grow and grows in Glow – faithlessly perfect for thus hope-lost fan !


Mashehu Aher (Not On Label 2016)

   Solo acts hailed from the holy land of Israel – meet your personality recording Blues artist who used to have his time with the All-Star Ramirez band but for now his doing a preferred solo works on the releasing next for his So The Story Goes which contradictively sounding more Alternative and Modern than a regular rocking bluesy albums as this being is under the deeper shades of whether the much liking for Beck, Matthew Sweet and Jack White taste; Dani Dorchin is our man mainly for writing these fine tracks and composing his brilliant originality of Blues-Indie-Rock music with the help from producer Sefi Zisling, arranger like Dan Zeitune way through the horns and keys arranging perfectly little bit odd but classic to listening just permanent to be called a Mediterranean’s one man solo Alt-Blues touching ground for the ears, the stereo system and the universe for loving this amazing works ! 

Key tracks can be tracing through Somebody Else, I Got A Thing, Afraid and Entertained, What’s Wrong with Me and many more melodic and harmony in wrapping bluesy rock of alechem … 

So The Story Goes:

Heidschnuckenbruckeglas (Petroglyph Records 2014)

   Dark Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Electronic of Krautrock modern hell-side in a non-proper but substantive sound arts by the likes for many legendary names pioneering and heroes like David Bowie, Brian Eno, Klaus Dinger to La Dusseldorf onto Die Engel Des Herrn; Eisenlager can also been called as aliases as Der Schlachter or Glasklinge Zeitenlicht but simply, for this occasion we just need to shaken hands with one of the mysterious package dealer for the releasing of the debut recording filled with the Ambient/Drone reigning noises and samples under the circumstance order entitled – Wanderweg. Not traditionally related to the blond babe in waiting behind closed door and wears black but the main deeper mystery would lying there within the unleashing of the darker essence of mechanical colder beats driven by Drone sounds onto the eleven minutes more of Himmelhozsteg, the Konigspfad reaching until almost five minutes to Die Treppe Des Xiangfengshan Bergs stated on 10:16 monumentally comes and go like a broken signal floating hidden by the human's informative devices; too darn late to explaining the strange deductive or threatening threats from outer space or deep within a living planet’s wrath …


Cultures Wrath (Erzsebet Records 2016)


   Melodic Metal processing pain, anguish and hatred into one mixed cauldron of Death Metal and Meta-Core forbidden ground spells turning violent by sounds extremely dangerous for your ears with no safety ear-plugs while the Mondragon, Gipuzkoa of Basque Country’s excellent young group bashing your stereo system with their releasing record under The Great Wound superb force metallic music brutally via Voices Of Regret.
   Led by only a duet with each members would be very fucking important to themselves as well as for the group; Tristan Iniguez (guitar, bass, keyboards, drum-programming) or Ekaitz Garmendia (guitars, vocals) proceed their tenth doomsday liability themes of song-lists over this awesome album whether it’s Uncanny Valley, The Scarecrow, Unpredictable Mass onto Look Beyond What you See and Defiance of Existence in all the mighty extreme power-raging head-banger atmosphere reconditions while you playing this one particularly on the second floor with all windows open slaying the quiet neighborhood after 9 pm or pass-midnight !

Voices Of Regret:

Hallowed Hymn (Divebomb/Tribunal 2016)

Just a aloud as your final images of dreamy Metallic blands between Motley Crue grooves, Iron maiden power-ruling sounds and Judas Priest for christianity listener audiences out there – we got once a band calls themselves as Deus Vult or Divine Right but not having enough courage to continuing their superb song-writings and music composed for Metal worlds here’s the LA’s Thee Final Chaptre with guitarist Gary Wilson resulted a more renewal resolute group in foundation of completed group members such as drummer David Osbourn, Paul Starnes on bass duties and Andrew “Tripp” Whittington as the band’s frontman. 
This is the capitalized of the added more efforts from the group’s last offer and a debut as well on - It Is Written; where Heavy Metal solo lighting-up the sharp needles of melodic exploring six-strings or groovy bass-line meets the excellent drumming for thus mid-tempo music blast for high-pitched tenor metallic through All For One, Come As You Are, The Key and Day After Day among others and pluses for thus bonuses live tracks and demo songs added by the releasing label for this deluxe edition of compilation. 

A must try out track would be the awesome epic ballad of Power Metal blessings on number six – Don’t Let It Run You Down (Thunder Trilogy Part 1) !

It Is Written:

Ordung Horrid (Divebomb/Tribunal 2017)

   Mixed freshly by the long-time old friend of the band – Kenn Nardi (Anacrusis) for helping metal-pals bassist Chris Speciale on Tomb Of Infamy as a great recording for these Stockton, CA’s extreme Death Metal band – Terminus for doing the plenty of vulgar displaying over the mostly extremity sounds produced by the members: Dave Palmer (drums), Jason Murra (guitars) and Dave Luck (guitar, vocals) compiling thus Death/Thrash amendement via thirteen chaotic songs with the background of the legendary Terminus place that actually isn’t a final resting place for the restless souls but the demonic playground of the occults establish their offerings for the gods by sacrifice and for seeing the future false prophecy plotting among mankind as the bastardized explosions of crust-blasts through Lycanthrope, Awakened, Killing Through Chemistry, Beso De La Arana and Life Beyond or Isolate The Sick proving the symbols on the wall and the blood-spills weren’t exactly a good sign for you to stay there … 

Tomb Of Infamy:

Kayseri Ava (Independent 2015)

Be blown out but you shall never wanted to quit the musical presentations of Istanbul-based finest composer and song-designer and trumpeter with his strong artistic background – Mehmet Unal. 

You even can congrats the guy for mixing this important; lesser-known recording just like this one through Floa.t as an album which experienced the smarter experimental on Electro-acoustic or Ambient or Glitch with Dubstep in such a fascinating technical objects by the developing of his own instruments and algorithms precision of integral whether it’s zapping for What Is Real as a legit question or flying by rockets to Cygnus; the holy unnamed figure can be your maker or another creature made the maker in completely different shape and ability.


Fick Mich Jetzt (UpScene 2008)

   Portraying as a different pleasant of sexuality over thus tired beauty after the multiple-orgasm via an "out-of this world" Darkwave, EBM or Electro-Industrial within this compilation from V.A Extreme Lustlieder vol. 2 made aus Germany label for the entire community of pale, Goth-Pop, vampyrs and sanguine-lycans or other ghoulies creature of old ancient and modern sinners to gathering around the pit of hell on Clubber-Dancing monitored sessions packing sensationally through those eighteen track-lists available by November and featuring non-mainstream and non-commercial names that usually forbid to mentioned too many by the announcer or sampler spoken introductory like Suono, Vexxxer, Industriegebiet, Starftanz as many more independent underground artists or groups' gas-masks compelling the significance of the deluxe edition and 20 pages of sexual-noises exhibition artworks or the broken futuristic images like the female waiting to get bangs by the beats on the escalator. Whether through the mid-tempos or the hardest Industrial-Dance and Techno-Metal maniacal sounds over Vein Cat’s Fucked Up (original), Faderhead in Electrosluts Extraordinaire, Gummimann to From Behind or In Takt Ah Beziehung all the way through Sex Hat K(I)eine Macht of confusion and destructions music format by Ellipse and the closing target for One Night Stand by Soko Friedhof. 

This is a Mother Fucker recording from Industrial-Tech-Dance heaven and hell in one sexual order on the form of pleasuring songs.      

V.A Extreme Lustlieder Vol. 2:

Vastland Mysteries (Frostscald Records 2006)

   A debut local turning nation-wide album from the Pagan classic Black Metal and National Socialist project which sounding poorly mono and insignificant but brutal independently; carrying the force of influence over anti-judeochristianity, Wotanism, and hatred within as Raven Dark being hailed from Novomoskovsk, Tula that consisting of the main brain – Ulv Gegner Irminsson (vocals, guitars), drummer Wizard or Ransverdi and Kaldrad (session vocals) brought their Russian spirits of pagan bursting out via Autumn Roar that sounded scary, minimalist and non-religious (definitely) and as anger and hate mixed by the hurdles of screaming or bashing rhythmic of metallic drums; fear that Son of The Eternal Freezing Moon, Funeral Wind, Ride The NorthLord and Sun of Those Damned to The Fire will flicking the wide-spreading panic when our younger generations decided to embraced the Social-Nationalist doctrine instead of modern fatality before darkened doomsday arrives with many flocks of hungry crows.

Autumn Roar:

Strychnine Down (Wisconsin Chair Company 2014)

Issac Moses Stroupe comes from Atlanta, Georgia as he brings to you his American Primitive Hillbilly and Lo-Fi Blues sounds in semi-acoustic and low-profiling features looking down to the trouble world in jeopardy – trying to spread the simplicity, wiser words and out-backed stories like an invitation for y’all to get in touch with the natural basic-ground from this brilliant non-mainstream Bluesman known on stage as Moses Nesh – releasing his compilation effort on The Lovely Ohio.   

Mostly written and arranged by himself and more traditional-based influences; a good high quality vocals, music and tracks to follow by its wisdom themes all encrypts on the mixed Bluesy/Folks acoustic sounds within the titles like Cat In The Rain, The Duel, Talitha Cumi or The Battle of Austerlitz. 

A remarkable slide-guitar music for the quiet twilight timing. 

The Lovely Ohio:

Vile Kin (Self-Released 2007)


   Formation completely fulfilled by the six-piece compositions via Cole (bass), Donno (drums), Jeremy (guitars), Brendan (guitars), Sarah (keyboards, vocals) and Glen (vocals) for this Melbourne – Australia Melodic Death Metal group calling themselves as Moredhel but never living in a longer durability of metallic music career and easily split-up after that but as the marking for the young metal-heads communion that already being built by them; Metamorphose would be the hammering album that has been released exactly four years after the band formed.
A two-faced creature figuring for the front cover of this and nine tracks of destructive songs by elemental must be a good reason why one should liking this joint. 
   Forever Mine, Voice of Certainty, Feed and Night Stalker must be a scary theme for the pick written by Moredhel and served brutally and harmonic with the mixing guttural vocals between Glen and Sarah’s female intuition voice.


The Bittersteel (Tribunal Records 2017)

Terrible moves for your faithful family for having a moment where one of your lovely son decided to turning into Metal-heads and comes back and bring Excruciator with him.
A modern day American Speed Metal unit from Portland – Oregon blasting their main themes of Satan, Sex and booze lyrics into this fucking fast and annoying music plays on your damn stereo on a hot sunny day by the bastard quartet: Tony Papasadero (bass), Sebastian Silva (guitars), Miles Starr (drums) and Chris Birkle (guitars, vocals) in their recording release Fighting For Evil. 
There’s nothing possible to save your family again from the tighter strangled hands of wicked Thrash meets Death Metal fusion by Excruciator and as you head-banging harder, your little brother biting your mom’s tits on the other room and your lame grandpa fucking the maid for adding a more crucible and cursing moment today just because they can and the mighty tracks like She Commands, The Power Lords, Altar of Lust as well as Lay The Hammer Down to Champion Eternal sounded like a b-side epic movie of sorcerer and masked barbarians clashing and slaying for the ultimate vengeance over the righteous and the light-bearer.

Fighting For Evil:

Le Penseur Ludicrous (Tribunal Records 2017)

   Known as Prophecy before turning onto Midnight Divine; this long time but later on defunct American Progressive Metal band from Medford – NJ got their moment when they’re decided to change their group name into Autumn Silence as the releasing of once an e.p but later on thanks to the new rock label and the demanding crowds - a renewing fully recording album entitled Echoes In The Garden seems to be fulfilling their destiny as a good band with a band luck with all those apocalyptic emotional distress, solitude or lovelorn themes written for the track-listed on the releasing. With Chris Pike on bass guitar, James Alexander the drummer, six-strings hero Rich Logan, Kevin Kerry Boyce on keyboards master to the lead vocals by Mike Gorham; adding more fabulous tracks of Progressive Power Metal for it as you can listening to the parade of great tunes and epic surroundings which you might admire and love to collects as yours only via Echoes In The Garden as being divided into a dozen of songs bravely and riches within a force of melodic rock sounds reflecting through Dreaming, Pain Fills My Eyes, So This Is Home all over the realm hardening music in your face. 

   Listen carefully and inhales; if you didn’t like these and Fates Warning or Crimson Glory - then you need to leave the Rock world for good, fools !


Eyes Of Steel (Divebomb Records 2017)

   After twenty years later since the making of Pentagon but later turning to Bugzy in 83’s by William “Bugsy” Boyer the young guitarist and keyboard player Franki Gorgo or the drummer Bob Kimmel within the nineties era worked with Toni Bongiovi failed into short-lived co-working but as the time passing by Bugzy graciously in semi-permanent for more continuity with the releasing new album in the new millennium for their die-hard fans only perhaps and by the likes of other legendary A.O.R bands like Bad English, Survivor or Night Ranger. Plan B is like a middle-aged woman trying to have her famous time back because she’s beautiful and she can and where Rock Music never sounded old in everyone’s hearts forever so did these track-lists of Pop-Rock and Pop-Metal delicious offers via A Glimpse of Paradise, Your Love Leaves Me Cold, Piece of The Puzzle, A Million Miles Away or Shadow of The Light and more awesome recording shared its songs of relationships, hope and romance to sad story with most melodious that you would love to grab !

Plan B:

Necrotech Arrogant (Divebomb Records 2017)

Reflects as from the name of the band as Temporary Insanity; these Boston Thrasher Metal-heads crew whose formed in the 1986 facing reality that their metallic music shall never fading even when there’s no more fanatic fans for this type of heavy speeding music in history left for wanting bands like them and because of the music produced by Steve Cloutman (bass), Randy Odeierno (drums), Jeff Kody (guitars), Mike Luciantonio (lead guitars) and Glen Rice (vocals) not really had their releasing times for good but sometimes their name stuck inside some old thrasher maniac whom had living since the beginning of the band’s career. 
The proof for you who also liking Flotsam and Jetsam, Meliah Rage, White Zombie to Iron Maiden and Rush influences; you definitely will fucking love Temporary Insanity for this compilation on Final Walk long after they’re disbanded or split-up or something. 
Eighteen tracks of Thrash Metal boosts and fucking loud and slicing like guillotine through Commuters, D.S.H, My Brush, Toxic Spawn, Vicious Circle as many more destructive themes spreading like particles on this recording that you need to listen before being destroyed.

Final Walk:

Russland (Self-Released 2013)


   Serbian one man Industrial Rock experimental show from Alex Krieghund or known as Krieghund simply, aren’t carrying any of particular political views or basic but the entire sorrow and painful ever recorded and felt before, after and in-between the great terrible wars or conflicts in human history.  

   For this occasion – Krieghund (of Novi Sad) presenting his obvious warfare works toward Arbeiterklasse (The Working Class) based by the background of the rising points where Bolsheviks in Russia starting their bloody legacy by rebelling against the empire of the Tsar as the true formula for getting rid of the rich and the powerful ended in an October revolutions as bible burnt and being replaced by Das Kapital and the history re-written back via thus electronic Machina onto the late introduction for KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands) as Stalingrad (The Rise of Soviet) crawling faster like a devil’s claws reigning over half of the world as the new threat for the west.  


Obsession The One (Nilaihah Records 2004)


   Not preferring a too commercial Electro-Dark music but the more tricky and eerie ones as one pick ? Let your fingers do the choice-making and for that The Azoic would be one of those great bands out there to satisfying your thirst over the non-mainstream Club-Dance terror tunes or Noisey Pop by terms.   The female fronted group of Industrial EBM or Electro-Dance from Columbus – Ohio with Kristy Venrick (vocals, lyrics, melodies, programming, keyboards), Andreas Kleinert (melodies, programming, keyboards), Eric Elderdge (programming, live keyboards) or Lawrence Zalewski (live keyboards, guitar, video) whose sensually entrapping your hearings through the sensible but non-profit format of sample, synths and noises blending within their Electro-music on Illuminate – the recording.
   EBM, Synth-Pop or Electro-Industrial blasts from the track-listed songs like Going Under, Conflict, Ever, Truth onto Carve Into You (edit 2003) with some bonus added. 

Shake your heads within the variety tempos of cold techno disasters.


Selah Bathsheba (Bandcamp 2014)

   Meet your crushing Alternative Modern Metal for the Protestant listeners aside of being just dominated by general and regular Christian Community emotional music sound not far in fierce differences but The Saving not feeling ashamed to admitting that this solo project really wanted to touch the images of the son of god via the spirits based from the Jewish amulet in Star of David. Through the recording of David Star; Andres Ortiz of Miami, Florida shows that everything he did here is onto the grace of god and Christian gospel of Heavy Metal meets Metal-Core isn’t a sinful thing to do within spreading the good words of wisdom taken from the bible influences. Bang your fucking head while playing the record and see the truth of delivering sign of times via centuries following thus bashing sounds like on Anointed One, Book of Songs, Goliath (feat. Josiah Lyle from Mouth of The South) to Leader of The Misfits and Maskil. 

There’s more to come and appears as long as the fighting between good and evil continues and this album can be a weapon for overthrown the kingdom of false prophets these days !

David Star:

End Of Sun (Persetan Records 2014)

Opening your satanic bible and hails God Bless Blasphemus Part. 1 (The Awakening of The Great Cthulhu) right from the Black God Crusher album released by Black Metal unit off Manado – North Sulawesi whom sounds godless, worshiping satan and darkness within their very honest ways possible. Meet the six-piece of metal-heads bible basher crew: Billy (bass), Witho (guitars), Aji (keyboards), Erwin (guitars), Buddy (drums) and Leo on vocals; for the proof over Durhaka madness materials that has a good recording on this full album. Symphonic or Melodic Black Metal blasts coming out to blinding your faith over a false lame beliefs religiously and as many tracks presented here by orchestral/epic dimensional harmony as well may put your fanatic views seeing god differently as satan rules the night within Plagiator, Wrath and even the cover of Koil’s for Aku Lupa Aku Luka. 

All the angels fallen and kneel down beneath the throne of evil … 

Black God Crusher:

Prophecy Red Shore (LMP 2006)

Since the midst of the nineties already formed with exactly the same basic and influences of how your Heavy Metal favorite bands supposed to be sounded like and it attached as well to our New Yorker Power Metal group – Zandelle as the time passing over to crushing some of the hard music dignity and destroying the scenery at the awakening of Grunge sounds but many years after that as people really need the most for thus purity of loud music matches the demand for screeching melodies, brutal riffs and bashing metallic music for the new millennium generations – the perfect skip to reproducing the right sequence over album releases and we’ll see now that Anthony Maglio, George Tsalikis, Joe “Jofu” Cardillo among other band members of Zandelle releasing their vengeance Rising; the second recording for the new millennium sessions since the oldie materials back from the nineties were long forgotten or unrecognizable. 
Heavy Metal Speed of wrestling white god like He-Man rather than Hercules or Samson blitzkrieg by every explosive techniques possibly can offers through Dragon’s Hoard, Queen Anne’s Revenge or The Beowulf Trilogy for I. Awakening to III. 
Ancient Tale of Valor which are epic and closing until you reach for Necromancer. 
Demons, Gods, the lights or the darkness altogether being squeezed into this rare recording that you might getting interested to have this hour. 

Vengeance Rising:

Crazy Oldman (Bandcamp 2016)

   One can assures that the main front cover album from Slasher by Alae Noctis disturbingly showing a reality of Thrash Metal realm of a serial killer taking hostage of a scared sexy blonde by hands (or sharp-steel claws) like a terrible coexist between Jason from Friday The 13th and Freddy Krueger of Elm Street nightmare but the music sounding a bit different and creative as the four-piece metal-heads named Diego “Noctis” (vocals, lead, rhythm, midi guitar synth), Alvaro “Pollo” (bass, backing vocals), Raul R. King (electro/acoustic drums) and Jorge “Nightbreaker” (bass) combining their likes for Thrash Metal squadron attacks within the Darkwave Electro New-Beats and Post-punk roots for establishing the Cartagena – Spain’s Alae Noctis as a neo-virtual of distinctive face of heavy metal. Empty sport four-wheel machine and car’s tore and bloody back seats with the pretty blonde babe lost without a track misguided local authority in confusions but the answer of the carnage murderous and disappearance lies on the song-lists presents here on Bounty Hunter, Spoils Of Crime, Borderline, C.O.D (Rock N’ Roll Duty) and Old School Rebel disguising threats of the night on the cursed weekend under the spells of Heavy Metal music of Slasher !


Torn In Two (Light Drop Music 2015)


   Starting as one of the promising girl drummer with not only power but techniques that can make you staring onto her looks – beautifully and graceful with her branding smile as Meytal Cohen was born in Ramat Gan – Israel and successfully uploading many of her drumming covers video on the Youtube channel long before then she decided it’s time to embarks as not a soloist but a group and after collecting her ammunition in form of band-members like Eric Emery (lead vocals), Travis Montgomery on lead guitar, Doc Doyle the rhythm-guitarist to the band’s another beautiful female bassist Anel Orantes Pedrero completing the band which baptized altogether under the fine simple name of Meytal.
The main focused for the listeners and audience must be for Meytal Cohen the leading role as mighty drummer (with her completed operatic drum-sets) but also the mind-sets to sets the pilgrimage of this band on their journey entering the Progressive Hard Rock and Modern Metal realm as the releasing window opened trhough the debut album – Alchemy.  
  An almost forty-three minutes duration and the excalation of hybrid sound-purging exploded via the exhibited mixing of Power Metal, Modern Nu Metal, Hard Rock and Progressive-Rock all in one unity blasting heavily from the secular themes and ferocious drumming from Ms. Cohen as well as the others like Ms. Pedrero on cranking bass-lines to the melodic double guitar rips and solos brought the essential music written by the band themselves: Everybody Hates You Now, Nothing, Killing Time onto Immoral Exorcist or Tear Me Apart. 

Great vocals, awesome blocking of heavy music performance and endless amazing looks by Meytal and Anel.