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Can’t Out Get (Self-Released 2013)

There’s no further reactions for not claiming about this joint whom could be one of those lost tribe from the seventies’ Psychedelic Hippie Rock culture descendant found out their way from a hole that they’re digging before the cold war started or shortening the story like this – if you got a never-ending Pop party with a curious Mojo glitch of tones cut into a delicious and jangly chiming guitars with dearest punchy drums and psyched-out keyboards sound as harmonic noises then – probably, yes would be an answer for telling that The Pygmies is one of them. 
Garage Punk and Pop as well as Indie Music collaborated and naming Calgary, Alberta as their hometown; Jim Blood on guitars, Kenna Burima the keyboardist girl, Brendan Tincher the drum-bangers and bassist Ryan Lottermoser fuzzed up their phase as some serious snotty chops and smearing sneaker punked blasts noises left the building within the amount of honesty via Inside Your Mind demanding its thought of wisdom Pop-culture reborn over Death March, Chain Reaction, Hold Tight, No Connection, Last Night or Cannibal. 

Welcome to the imaginable time-machinery moments where David Bowie had a co-worker named Patti Smith with a back-up live band called Blondie !

Inside Your Mind:

Nina Quitter (Bandcamp 2014)

Hailing from Aberdeen – Scotland maybe nobody expects that these highlander Bluesmen didn’t really knows how to sounded like the real musicians but actually, for Full Fat group it’s like everyday obsessions to as hard and neat as they can be which seems to be looking not too damn obscure to you whom got chance for listening these guys live or just via the recording package like this one on Most Of What Follows is True – the album that humbly heavy and certainly amazing to hear by not only the Blues-Rock lovers but even the hardest men would love to have the opportunity on getting nostalgic about the thick influences like a blending of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix to Rory Gallagher and Johnny Cash in one fully experiences releasing. 
One should thankfully blessed for the great works and a bit Pop-tinged tunes mix within the efforts performed by Fraser McKain, Simon Rattray and Fraser Urquhart as the trio on Full Fat. Like a moonlighting semi-Bluesy Rock and Country roadie evening crossing the desert area and cactus trees letting the lights shining from your back – creating a fulfillment echo managed really good as the simple music with much harmonies to love. 
Tunes giving you great feeling by choices would be I’m Talkin’ To You, Of Course I’ll Miss You, Blue, Lucie-Lou and My First Friend or First Refrain cause all is getting better after two bottles of beers and more …

Most of What Follows is True:

Sofa Divonorum (Beats Beyond 2012)

   Why bother for keep watching the skies because the aliens are already here landed and creating a group of Electro experimental and Free-style Psychedelic Pop culture on their own self-esteem characters copying some of the earthlings such as a bad version of Green Lantern courtesy of Marvel and Stan Lee but peeping there in the front cover of thus recording release albumby UFO Hawaii – which clearly, showing that the outer-space travelers wanted us to known that they’re exist and doing the love for music well indeed on this planet. Using the regular silly names like Achim Treu, Andre Dauerfisch, Doc Troid and Kunstler Treu; the abstractive experiments over the group’s Pop-Electric and Leftfield beats in affects shall spreading chills as well as good mood for doing a relax-able flex-actions towards the temporary written down sound of music into tracks further more recording as Hangin’ Ten, Asleep At The Wheel, Time Eaters and ’79 Fame & Fire as most of the songs written completely by Achim Treu and packaging them via Synthetischer Orient where Sounds Exist In Space given the album – Full Fathom Five an excellent non-humanoid taste.

Full Fathom Five:

Hutong Nguni (Rump Recordings 2016)

Masala has been chosen to be a recording title because it explains about the strong mixture of of both epitome and blended spice that within the good and balance measurements can easily creating a distinctive music from the explanation via Electronic sounds or stellar instrumentation by the effective and constant of unpredictable music as the proof there shows on our introduction for the Afro-beats, Jazz or Pop Electro improvisations by the Danish quartet of full talents such as Emil De Waal (drums, electronics), Rumpistol (synths, electronics), SpejderRobot (electronics) and Niclas Knudsen (guitars & talkbox) as Kahala and professionally giving the heavyweights championing record like this. 
Whether they’re taking Afro-culture into Denmark’s non-mainstream music shop by selling these; one would closely giving the two thumbs up for either Tippi Tabu to Norsk Khat or Josty Kit and Aloo Gobi that sounding so “not European” at all but exotically unique and always gets the most interests to listen after the audience discovers them by noticing the fully rich tones, beats and various club-oriented and tropical colors.


Last Unbeatable (Ruut Music 2013)

   Finnish singer continuing her story as she left her home country to residing permanently onto Baltimore, MD just after the memories about her family moved away to Budapest and before that Ruut DeMeo had spending her childhood temporary in Helsinki just before everything’s turning out to be changed entirely for her decision to moving by her intuitions and actually, it’s not failing her down but within the ticking of time; her lucks really shaping better not because she’s a daughter of filmmaker/composer Tuomas Sallinen of Kuopio. 
   Our beloved blonde female singer and a great pianist is also a good song-writer and music composer which approving to the new world she living in now, a talented Finnish girl really can creating awesome music and songs as being recorded on Ruut album called Glimpse; the Pop-Rock and modern Pop Rn’ B through Hourglass, Make It Good, Church Bells and No One Will Ever Love You – carrying many of those distinctive daily feelings some people desperately needs them to help shaping life to be much much better than before as this time sounded religiously Pop . 
   Romance and breakable instinct collided for this record release considerable to be fantastically full with emotions and harmony. 

You think Ruut is beautiful too ? Well, not just only that actually … 


Eluruun Rauigem (Ledo Takas Records 2001)

   Eastern bloc’s exporting Extreme Folkish Black Metal group with a veritable energy for destructive of thus far un-dethroned record selling so far for these metal-heads from Estonia. As clearly speak-able thoughts of the band’s interests such as pride of forefathers, patriotism or world war II as well as the heavy influences from the legendary names like Satyricon, Burzum or Khold and Ulver are being straight-forward blasting in the darkened attacks performing by Lembetu on vocals, Karmo and Draconic the double guitar-shedders, keyboard player Kaire and Atso on drums; appointed as one of the highest ranked group that achieved a bestseller for the second album releasing all over the Euro-planet Black Metal alliance and fanatic fans for Vere Kutse Kohustab or Obliged by The Call of Blood slamming your interests in something political or thus non-mercy conditions mixing the Folk, Rock, Traditional and World sounds into their blending of particular locally version of Black Metal here. From Aeg Argata (Time to Awake), Tuleristed (Baptized in Fire), Vanade Leegionaride Laul (The Song of Old Legionaries) to Nimeta Haud (Nameless Grave) showing many topics about how cruel war will always become whenever, wherever and Loits (the band) really throwing their themed extremity to share those reality about it to you. 

Vere Kutse Kohustab:

Unfolding Tristful (Black Lotus Records 2005)

   Greek mythology with misanthropy and occultism mixed with extremely Black Metal, melodic Death Metal to Electronic Industrial sounds that sounding excellently powerful as the fast brutal growler and double pedals joining by the demonic absurd beats like and frontal performance from the duet of Michael Katsikas and Vasilis Anthrakidis bring the curses triplets of the background tales of beyond the basic summoning of dark creatures themes and ritual mixture made and written to composing by The Elysian Fields known before as Desulphurize. 
   Dominated by not only one instruments or passions but a uniting mixed between evil-incarnation and black spells like hemorrhage disease being infused onto your body by the mystic lyrics like dark force and the metallic supreme supernatural demolish power for the superficial gods and all the rhetoric modernity shall be crumbling destroys under the kneeling humans for the ancient and other side invisible hands of the conqueror like creature haunting you while you dreaming nightmares. 
   Never be saved again since then, within the Suffering G.O.D Almighty released – one should forever cursed and all the words swearing that comes out may harming thy neighbor like spreading of deadly disease as the harmony noises creeping as mighty well to destroy living things loving themselves. 
   Particularly, no one will be safe and sound from bad lucks as the devil speaks toward his own words cursing you and the rest; letting the distorted themes like I Am Your Willing Darkness, Ravished with Thee Light, Unleashing The Propaganda or  I See The Lie Behind All The Truth seems to believe projecting the demonic portions like an explosion of deadly piece of exorcism gone very wrong activities. 

Suffering G.O.D Almighty:

How Soon Is Now (BMG/RCA 2003)

   Debuting as Billboard 200 charts at 177 the first month after its releasing; Charmed: The Soundtrack perhaps – just a beginning of quite longer living fantasy series about three sisters with their witchery descendent doing the good ways for helping people, preventing bad things to happen and fighting the other evil witches out there time by and by and suitable within the title of the teenage-flicks background searching for magic after the demise of mostly television series but Charmed is coming to save the day and as well as feasting all boys’ eyes for displaying beauty characters on Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano)and keeping the beats for refreshing our imaginations with more lesser-known group filling for the soundtrack by the likes chosen for Goldfrapp in Strict Machine, Andy Stochansky singing I Can’t Take It, Rachel Yamagata via Worn Me Down and New Favorite Thing performed by Balligomingo featuring Lucy Woodward but nevertheless also some good well-known ones are here for us with better songs like Stereophonics’ Maybe Tomorrow spreading romance on air, Third Eye Blind with Danger or Vanessa Charlton did pretty miracles through Rinse. More and more sprinkling of magic dusts and sparkling youth-energy being compiled in this series first season as the debut soundtrack accompanying it like the book of spells and enchanted words of beauty bring kindness of enlightenment as the lost of Prue's spirit-life by the end of the series shall be replaced by the far more sexy younger sister played by Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews.

Charmed - The Soundtrack:

Gracie Lyons (Radioactive 1996)

Don’t confusing with other similar names but the real semi-legends off these Brooklyn – NY Goth-Pop Electro group led by attracting duet and more names like Ben Perowsky, Ed Pastorini, James Genus, Jennifer Charles or Oren Bloedow when non-regretful on to releasing of the band’s debut album in the mid ninety-sixes; Bleed Your Cedar - right from the depth of misty forest below the fog closer to Elysian Field's musical territory. 
A supreme genus of genome equality that basically, mixing the best Pop textures onto the Gothic –Rock sounds taken from New Wave or Punk with an addition of sorrow and depressive down-tempo borrowed from Krautrock or Machine music to Progressive Rock as the beauty blends with the slower beats and live music performance whilst the dense tension of secular lyrics to sensual female vocals suddenly, becomes a new attraction for modern rock scenery since then and the group - Elysian Fields' track-listings empowers your listening ground by the choices for Jack in The Box, Lady in The Lake, Fountains on Fire, Star to Sugarplum Archers; as they’re seems to be imaginative or lunacy both taken the dreams and thorn it onto reality – there’s nothing wrong with the debut album here but pioneering corner-stones. 

Bleed Your Cedar:

Hellatio Groupie (Motor Music 1994)

Started as all-stars Metal project of Phillip Boa’s sake as he picked some greater names but not too legendary (yet) for completing his final works off the super-star of Extreme Heavy Metal gaming-on total head-banging performance and the results is Voodoocult – a very kick-ass band with the big sound like the reincarnations of Death, Kreator in more Death Metal version to Sepultura, influences and Modern to melodic Nu Metal presents right there following the group’s fearless line-up consisting of Dave “Taif” Ball the bassist, markus Freiwald on drums, Gabby Abularach and Jim Martin (of Faith No More) as their guitar guardians with sampling by Moses Pellberg and lead vocals or leader on the shoulder of Phillip Boa. 
The perpetual fusion of heavy Metal blastings and machine-tinged music syndrome of Industrial Metal might never been seen as a super-materials before but now within this Germany band; the mainstream ever looks so promising about the claim for defuses between and the results may vary destructive but listenable and fits for action movies via Jesus Killing Machine as a solid and perpetrators as themes to made into extreme music such as on Albert is a Headbanger, Born Bad and Sliced!, Metalized Kids onto Killer Patrol really make sense to blasting all aloud for Blood Surfer City to Bitchery Bay collage. 

Jesus Killing Machine:

Infanticidal Toolbox (Sevared Records 2014)


   Leave your fully respects about women if you dare to entering the secret facility of most tortured place where you may finding them all in total pain and brutal death with Mark Gleed the guttural regurgivomit spewage, Daryl Barrett-Cross our cunt cleaver, Kai Cursons on corpse bothering, Harry Jewell for subsonic flatulence and Gareth Arlett the earthshaker barrage team-up towards these Bristol – UK’s Death Metal grinder group: Amputated. Within Dissect Molest Ingest as their insane cook slaying, butchering and mutilating females behind the close door of the kitchen and thus blood-splattering meat-pieces, innards to bones shrapnel – you need to brace yourself to either trying or compete with the destructive explosion tracks as the background for deafening yourself from feeling gross or disgust because Death Metal attacks cannot be stopped on this one.  
   As for The Local Flavour, Gorging on Putrid Discharge (Septic felch, wretched belch), SkullFuck Lobotomy as well as Subatomic Insemination all the way to Psychotropic Suicide and When Whore Meet Saws is beneficially, a certain Six Feet Deep’s menu ! 

Dissect, Molest, Ingest:

Embalmer Postmortem (Coyote Records 2014)


   Well, if you craving how the zombie-flick horror movies about deadly surgeons really mean something erotic for your sick-self then – this Rome, Lazio’s Brutal Death Metal Grind is definitely for you. Being half-butchered and then put on the cold/bloody metal surgery table might be the last moment you ever wanted to have but it’s too damn late and Dr. Gore is your main men upon this mess as the brutality songs exploding harder like Diseased Altered Corpse, Freezer Full of Flesh, Grotesque Corpse Sclupture, Zombies Brutalized Mankind to Back From The Grave to kill again or Born in Corpse must be a masterpiece work from the drummer Massimo Romano, Luigi Longo and Marco Acorte the shredders team to Alessio Pacifici their bassist and lead vocals.
Death and gore as being smothered re-creates by perfection within Dr. Gore’s Viscera album – may leads the new learner psycho such as you to the new level. 
   So, prepare yourself within the non-anesthetic surgeon in en tortures blood-bath moment of your lives – either you are one of those psychotic undead butchering team of the helpless victims … 


Arm Put Around Me (Bandcamp 2015)

A project of soloist but eventually not a home-made features confrontations over the blending of modern noise sounds via the Electro-Dance, Rap Music or Hip-Hop with plenty of Pop sweetening as the special thanking goes onto the performers helping her out; meet Xania Keane the main mistress of this lot beat-making musical of independent Synth-Pop culture show and her hard-working friends including executive producer Maria Lara and music engineer Robert Donachie for the release of this substantive liquid form of good sensuality for sell Dance-Rock for All Alone Together album. 
Feel the sensational touches through those remarkable mixing and simple bumpy beat reactivated within the old meets the new school tempo-type like almost interracial gift for your white girlfriend’s birthday among the tracks like Y.O.U, I’m Broke, Gotham City onto Dance with The Robot and Take You Back – crazily hilarious but never shall losing respects from the experts after trying this lady female disc jocky-ing kinda shit ! 

All Alone Together:

Wake To You (Bandcamp 2013)

For those whom like or addicted to caffeine or kisses and Pop-Punk with Acoustic Folk and Indie touch might reconsidered to give a handy try-out for the combination of melodies and sweeter female vocals in harmony of non-error tests as the written down lyrics and musical performance ability manage to resurfacing by Arielle and Jacob on vocals/guitar, with the helpful hands by bassist Phil Scheidt, keyboardist Trevor Lunsford and drummer Ben Thompson recording their good for sharing music record package of this mini album completely sounding amazing already as the group calling themselves Thee Acquainted of Barrie – Ontario with Caffeine Kiss - engaging before as an international couple making music they loved the most inspired by the challenges of long-distance of star-crossed over love story, problems daily or many more barriers from keeping them to make the dreams pursuit coming true to believe by the hands of fate and chances taken just like this occasion temporary recording release. Kisse warmly and a cup of coffee might accompanied better for anyone to listen for Secret Island or Red Lights calmly. 

Yes, this is lovely …

Caffeine Kiss:

Katie Verlaine (Family Vineyard 2011)

   Bubblegum Graveyard sounding like those sixties Pop music measurements being lost and found again somewhere in the midst of new millennium capsule by Apache Dropout; hailed from Bloomington – Indiana by the trio of indie alt-rock non-cult horror section of The Misfits swallow too much sweeteners consisting of Nathan Warrick, Seth Mahem and Sonny Blood suitable to listen sometimes around your Halloween late puberty or school’s holiday mayhem where the small town being attacked by the ferocious army of the undead led by the infamous evil wizard as he making a potion so powerful – it can waking up the dead to life and hungry for flesh of the towners. Before you asking too damn much about who the hell is Archie’s Army, Carryin’ Fleas onto Ghost Stories about Lady Blood or how on earth Robbin’ The Bank leading to the Quaaludes ’68 and The Fried Stranger made into our October’s cookies by the oldies for the briebing on the witch and his army of the un-dead walking on, marches. 
   The fictional tales of terror in form of Rock N’ Roll in Midwestern Proto-Slop banging sounds seems to be suitable for the odd ones to celebrates their imaginative thoughts freely …

Bubblegum Graveyard:

Weak Ends (Bandcamp 2013)

   Junk up and the bidness once rollin’ in things more often encountered while one making sure that their unlucky meeting with Iroquois Pliskin duet consisting of Chas Hollingshead on guitars, bass and vccals as well as Bryson Needles loving for exotic beats of drums creating the group Afro-Rock enchantments locally bad and unprofessional but who are we to judge them for that ? The Cedar City – Utah releasing home-made album on The Cantankerous Adventures of Thad and Belyle must be a work of a lifetime while thus blending for silly minimalist performance on taking the Emo-Rock, Math-Pop or Alternative music to the down level approved pretty worse on this five tracks of a mindless self-esteem but never losing the artistic Progressive sounds able to be served unwell via Merry + Pippin off the Lords of The Rings influences, Danny Trejo that sounding brave older like the real character on Bad-Ass series perhaps onto independent opening song for Adamas Prime which not suitable to your transformer’s tree relatives anywhere. 

But again this is a pure honesty led into musical record don’t judge it because you can’t make it !


Ironic Orinoco (Bandcamp 2012)

Unfamiliar local Pop-artists, absurdist, Dadaist and destructivities off the beautiful strange environmental of Macedonia – Ohio; we got the package of fun, silly, creative and classic on the destroying of popular themed songs to themselves achievement as My Dick boys recording this version of regular timeless hits on their own interpretations over My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release recording. No further explanations but huge laugh-stocks will be burst while you listening to this album on a one Sunday afternoon in your room – pals. 
By all means necessary and thus naughty or dirty choice of your exchanged titles away from the originality but every fans of good Pop-tunes and modern mainstream radio-addicts from the seventies, eighties and the nineties would discover the hits one by one through the transforming tunes and some words on them like on the parade songs onto Dick In Heaven, Everybody My Dick Tonight, Dancing in My Dick, Fast Dick or Fields of Dick – where the ultimatum candied jokes creatively taken for granted only for My Dick from themselves and spreading more “dickies” on Pop culture; non-respectively clever moves. 
# Introducing the duo: Cool Hand and Hand Solo for the laugh-able flexi-works.


Croxteth Crew (War Anthem Records 2013)

Gore-Grind perversion of murder and pro-vision to the global extreme metal music realm that Helden, Limburg of The Netherlands still exists and got their surprising attacks from the form of these finest derelicts unit named Cliteater; starring Jordy Gerrits (bass), Ivan Cuijpers (guitar, vocals), Joost Silvrants on vocals, Erno Noorlander (guitars) and Marten van Kruijssen (drums) making their not so good jokes but actually, respecting how the influences from iron Maiden’s album artworks inspiring them to do more than just a silly stupidity for copying the semi-legendary cover art into their own recording sessions called Cliteaten Back To Life as an infamous releasing of original blasting explosions of crude Extreme Death Metal and Grind-Core that kills and raped everything in its path crossing – like the horrid excavator from the wasteland territory, destroying most of your precious thoughts and things lies within the modern world lies to be flattened and outspoken anymore here after. 
Fare and sadist is the main purposes how these tracks being written and composed by hatred and anti-social overall distinctive road to ruin openly wider within Toy Box Killer, Seth Putnam Paid Our Cab Fare, Furry Fandom Fetish, Norway Utoya Massacre, The Beast, T.W or Handy Handjob Hannah while the rest slamming and belligerent themes shall raping your ears, your mommy and your step-sister after midnight when this album loudly bursts from the stereo. 
As your dad being tortured and mutilated, so did your lovely auntie whose always being slutty this year. 

Nobody safe from Knob Gobbler !


Scavenged Dolls (New Line/Silva Screen 2000)

   Where there's evil lurking deeper – there shall be destruction; such a phrase that fitting how the story goes for this American sci-fi horror would thrilling your mind for a very long time not because it conducts bizarre treatments or moving on as a rabid-dog chasing for a psychotic killer with his hidden last victim urges to be found alive by the authority, the FBI and the lab-experimented experts through Neurological Cartography and Synaptic Transfer System in The Cell – a movie directed by Tarsem Singh. One being brought into the entirely new realm beneath our own consciousness where not only lost souls dwelling but like it is been said before – demons and your darker ego lies more sinister plans down there where nobody can see or feel yet but here the lees-experienced but dedicated child psychologist named Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) decided to help the FBI to find the clue all over the crumbs of mysteries surrounding the captured serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher. Entering the mind of a psycho-deranged and sick-twisted tunnel that leads our beautiful psychiatrist into the limbo and hellish corners of Stargher’s completely doomed brain-cells domain which always dominates the young version of him whose actually being tortured since a little by his step-dad and re-shaping the man growing a Stargher King collecting women victims, putting them died by drowning in a secret chamber facility on an abandoned farmland. Via Trauma, Whalen’s Infraction, Tide Pool, Valentine or The Seduction, Chlorine and Rust and Four and Twenty Blackbirds tracks you will following the very dangerous and deceiving journey ever through the inner madness and unique world of a mad-man ready to capture prisoners who dare entering his; as Catherine and special agent Peter Novak experiences deep inside the unspeakable reality or fantasy made by the killer’s mind or their own in a most twisted ways possible. The Cell not only invites you to witnessing some of the most strange abstracted and un-imaginable sceneries along the movie but also how the music scoring by Howard Shore has made this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – as one of a kind which we can calling it a breakthrough pioneer for the entire newly level of obsessive or megalomaniac theme-based both musical and motion picture. The audiences will have a private time watching the whole sensuality offers by the character of Ms. Deane disguising as whether a futuristic sex-slave, a holy sea-mother to many more undeniable charms and mystic symbolic shown onto the tube. The last temptations and the taken decisions must be made in order to save the missing girl by killing the young boy to end the reign of that serpent-skinned demon forever …


Ron’s Slug Party (New Line/Decca 2009)

   The sixth book series of J.K. Rowling works made into movie yet again continued to proceeding the story about our protagonist character named Harry Potter – one of the student whom becoming the chosen one as the next great wizard of his time helping friends, fighting the evil mobs as well as being confused over his past and future present existence as the epic tales continues here within Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince; written by Steve Kloves and directed by David Yates. As the soundtrack for this brilliant installments being arranged and composed by Nicholas Hooper which celebrating the orchestral achievements for the music scoring higher than the last works as you might capturing not only the eerie sounds harmony but also the bigger atmosphere re-born via thus Celtic and New Age composing to spiritual heart-felt themes crossing to follow every scenery created magically beautiful and some may looking ordinary to some teenagers through their lifetime experiences are there to process by our brains. From how The Story Begins with more conflicts and secrets to be revealed by and for Harry himself found that many girls attracted to him because he is actually famous now but also because his kindness and compassion even when sometimes the audience would cursing his name for being sloppy and hard-headed leaving things to be messed up as well. Ginny Weasley, the subway cafĂ© girl to some new junior students showing how interesting charm of him once but the real deal goes when Harry Potter must helping Albus Dumbledore the Hogwart’s headmaster to find the mystical Horcruxes and found out about Voldemort’s next evil plan to eliminate the entire order of Phoenix, spreading darkness across the horizon above the witchcraft/wizards world and becoming the absolute ruler of this world. We will see how Professor Snape’s giving his unbreakable vow, The Book contains mysteriousformulas for making potions and chemical advance that being found by Mr. Potter, Ron’s new girlfriend and groupie which actually awkward beyond romance-based and seeing the beautiful Hermione cries but hope lifted-up once again after the treachery of Malfoy’s Mission finally succeeded or Farewell Aragog may causing you to shed a tear as well but as the magic continues; Of Love and War or When Ginny Kissed Harry may then reveals the Slughorn’s Confesssion, a dangerous - Journey to The Cave onto The Drink of Despair. One might going to see some places or creatures that you can never imagined before exists here on the movie. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince original motion picture soundtrack ends with the shocking of Dumbledore’s Farewell like unimaginably credits you didn’t want to have if you’re a real Potter fans but also how The Weasley Stomp or The Friends shall approved one more time that no matter what – we all need to moving on the life by making the right decisions, even if they’re seems to be impossible or really hard to do to let go or to be continued …


Gnome Gun (Mamma Leone 2013)

   The unit praising Kraut-Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave or Garage Rock from the Western Europe parts sending messaging signals of their monotonous music tunes over a debut recording of self-titled by themselves called Kairo; as being pressing for only 500 copies piece edition for the release date but you would loving how the Dresden, Germany group manage to creating some good patterns with no diversity and stay interesting even through these depressing themes available via Space Cup, Best Friend, Selfish, Once Upon a Time as well as Sleepwalk, She Plays Tennis and Maya which dragging thus left-over feelings and sadden sorrow lyrics possible to kill oneself painfully slow while listening. 
One can compares this to the figure masks or the octopus attacks from the depth of your consciousness …


RCB Shakes (Bandcamp 2015)


   Aswin Lakshman, Nicholas Leggatt, Ben Barclay and Callan Trewenack might be a closed friends decided to erase their old friendships in the past by going forward into a forming of the band they called Going Swimming which came out of Melbourne’s Garage/Surf/Punk scenery by good techniques of performance and spontaneous calamity thoughts made into lyrics and music on their fast-tracks intense on the releasing for the “goosebumps-y” recording by the artworks and you might also loving those themes contained inside it as well.
   Deadtime Stories is a must have collection from this group that you need to pick in a hurry because a better tones and honest harmony riffs as simple and formulated as brilliant for an lesser-known band had their time to shine on this one. Stop reading, start to listening and had your occasional nightmarish sweet dreams within the fabulous I Think I’ve Been Had Lads, Your Sister right through Shark Attack, Whatever Happened to The Plan?, Yoko Oh No and more sarcastic clever and smart moves being pushed in to punch your guts and make you think again about Going Swimming choose their Careers Counsellor sounding like Hooligan over themselves neatly !

Deadtime Stories:

Tea Drop Tear (Head Records 2008)


   Produced by Jeff Raglus himself and thanking most of his colleagues for contributing onto this record; you need to know first about Jeff Raglus – as an Australian multi-instrumentalist musicians, trumpet player and painter among other of his good talents sparkling bright for the Bellatrix album release that shall attracting most of the Free-Jazz and RN’ B toned to Soul and Pop-Funk audiences not because the sound would be damn funky dirty or such but along side of being ordinary, the album comes out uniquely teasing within its indifferences and beyond future musical approval via the compositions like Back in Kensington with Kasper Raglu on acoustic guitar or drummer Simon Dawe aside again for Mountain Girl with Nicky Bomba (drums) and Jody Bell and Rebecca Barnard doing the harmony vocals and even better liking to listen to your parents or lovely auntie who loves Pop music – giving them drowning into Spare a Thought for The Old Days as later on meet again via Spook House Dub and Mr Pumpy.
   Playing his choices of taylor flugelhorn, hofner 65 galaxie electric guitar onto Gibson J45 acoustic or a benge trumpet onto henri lefevre cornet would be kind of weapon for wrapping all of his excellent slow-tuned characteristic semi-Rock N’ Roll and Jazzy-Pop into Indie Rock total creations for this listed tracks and some of you will then, liking him more … 


Heaven Morning (Bandcamp 2013)

Since the 2010 already being a good and talented and national-wide famous song-writer and piano player as well as music composer; producing his own relevant of low-profiled Pop-Music joints within this recording called Far East Echo LP and given more variety into Malaysian local music heritage beyond modern demands nowadays by Qiza - brilliantly just like the imaginative temple closed to the Nile river kind of tales. 
The blending of Electronic, Indie-Pop, confusing toned New Age to Chill-out and more sophisticated sounds provided there on the album would approves that this musician really can wrote down some of the most goodie and intense form of instrumental songs collectively been recorded here within Aeternum Vale, You’re My First Love, Sakura No Ame to Sweet Memories as the romance meets the foreign language and basic feelings daily shown through your times a day or the weekend – whether in pleasure or not; Qazi should leaving you more brighter by wiser peaceful thoughts after the listening hour.  

Far East Echo: 

March Die For Me (Combat/Relativity 1991)


   The Thrash Metal defunct group of Chicago, IL whom written down their mighty lyrics and music of fast, brute and knife-sharpened straight through the time of early eighties until the late of nineties; meet with Cyclone Temple was born right after the disbanded of a band consisting of the three members of them – guitarist Greg Fulton, John Slattery the drum-basher and bassist Scott Schafer recruiting then the vocalist for Cyclone Temple – Sonny DeLuca and sooner right when the era reaches the first year in the nineties; they’re releasing the first debut via I Hate Therefore I Am.

   Even when they’re sounded like thus original Anthrax crew or early Thrash Metal manic bands incorporated but this troops actually taste unique not only for the compositions of three white metal-heads and one black-dude rocker on stage but also how the group develops the essential of their own formula onto Thrash Metal alliance sounds with Heavy Metal and NWOBHM into one package of struck-down blitzkrieg music. 

   Various themes from life problems, fighting hate to problems within religions crossing the daily urban legends or stories being told through Sister (Until We Meet Again), Public Enemy, In God We Trust and Silence So Loud – might be your favorite off this record.