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Youth Nothing (Bandcamp 2014)

   Yes smile and spit on your non-favorable and nobody Pop-Scum Punkish meets the sixties tones and psychedelic by miniature ingredients on this Thousand Oaks, CA’s group – Wonton Soup. Nevertheless the band trying to baptized themselves into a bunch of shit-holes playing Comedy-Rock or the spontaneous misshaping off a six months recaps over the mini recording album on this lot – Thank You, Come Again. 

So, whether Normandy blazing in straight loud noise over four minutes and nineteen seconds or Tweenage Riot may lower its distorted melodies down but you still won’t stopping this band from cranking their music aloud today. Many various menus are there to choose but the ring master’s gone might giving a chance for the regular circus-community to make something bit of differences for the show ! 

Thank You, Come Again: