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You (Debemur Morti Productions 2013)

Comparable to the genius of pagan scientific talents to whether Ulver, The Gathering to Nine Inch Nails on being formed by the ritualistic sense of Symphonic Metal to Trip-Hop influences by Manes’ Tor-Helgei Skei and beauty figure of Anna Murphy of Eluveitie as the magical duet naming themselves a project of Alternative Electronic Rock/Metal with symphonies and intense beats as Lethe re-visioning the collision between dreams and nightmares in a melancholic, powerful and ethereal ambitions over the dark epic beauties format on the music composing made flesh there on thus recording release of Come Look At The Darkness With Me. 
The six minutes and eleven seconds opening tracks with the same title may possibly granted the delicate sphere of artistic approaches of a deep crossroad on sonic shockwave to rock-electro written by Ms. Murphy and Mr. Skei for Lethe in another example of the next track within five minutes and forty-one second at launch.