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XenoPulse Genesis (Not On Label 2015)

Take the third release from Mendel Bij De Leij if you really like tremendous virtuoso guitar-mayhems sounded explosive and attacking your ears in heavenly timing and don’t ever push this excellent guitarist from Heerveen, The Netherlands as he done all the freaking instruments in factual as an information for you before the music arts of Progressive Metal here wiping your foolish brain out melting like cheese on a frying pan within the infamous solos, melodic attacks, power groovy tension to the fusion of many kinds of tempos for amaze you and the rest of the audience dare to facing his works on Mendel's album – oblivion (pyshical + digital) just like the adventuring of a man-made time-warping into another dimension projecting the astral ray of lights onto the new universe commencing the unknown to be discovered or found as the inventions went not being wrong but enlightenment perfectly to give the last of mankind a glimpse to be a better creature by metallic music formats. 
Within the bass played by Jan Keddeman, saxophone by Reina van Triest, guest solos by Benjamin Ellis or Hendrik Jan Vermeulen crossing the non-mapping space or galaxies through Discover or Horizon, Visions and Polaris – waiting to find a new place to settle and called it new home, perhaps …