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Xeno Spawn (Bloodcurdling Enterprise 2014)

Tokyo molesters of brutality squad via Death Metal in techniques lining-up as drummer Koju Okayasu, bassist Jyunichi Nakamura, shredder beast Go Shimada and Akihiro Muto their growler as Kanto-Japan presents the sicker intimidating patient x type of band under the shadow of Veiyadra. 
Attacking vicious growls and mid-tempo destructive extremity led music of devastating metal shall making your parents having a very painful vertigo like effects while the themes related to parasitic breed infections or torturing acts as the pain mustn’t becoming a limit anymore but as fantasy can dreaming about then things are possible not just for making a painless misery but also countless victims in degenerated missions led by Gehenna's mixing of Death Metal/Grindcore or such. Cacodemonic Perdition, Ebon Origin, Diabolical Abberation, Spiritual Chaos and Pulverizer to Dysgenic Enmity must be hard to digest by questioning over the what’s behind the meaning of the lyrics for some or the peeing victims ready to be tortured behind the closed doors of a madness facility surrounded by monstrous dwelling forests.