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Wrong Grave Variations (Massacre Records 2008)

   As the featured symbolic of hangmen portraying in front of its cover; Demonic Art factually – giving the progressions above all measurements that evil exists but never prevails is definitely wrong. Humanity may finding their way to obliteration and diminishing by the end and it is certain just like the full attacking of images to the exclusive extreme tempo of hellish fast done within the non-popular Thrash Metal attacks made here by these Helsingborg – Sweden group of five-piece lining up and decayed since the last formation to the next one whether its vocalist Andreas Sydow to Jens Broman fronted or not. Through this fifth recording release on Demonic Art – Darkane (the band) beats every single barriers by frontal slamming beats and terrorizing riffs as the themes of track one by one in high decibel would tearing you apart for the anger and revenge violence poetry slicing and slaying via Absolution, Execution 44, Demigod or Soul Survivor truly made a touchdown on killing the audience while head-banging hard following them. Nothing seems to be lucky since you needing more than that to keep your head up and your feet on the ground but hang-men symbols once again can be just a temporary loss before the victory comes in screaming vengeance and for this, the band really did it fucking good !

Demonic Art: