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Whiskey Galore (And Justice For Roll 2014)

Taste like Megadeth testing a younger Metal-Core vocalist while giving up on making Thrash Metal instead then performing the newer Death N’ Roll music may has been given a proof towards this actual one-man solo project of Heavy Metal Speeding sounds called himself as Blacksheep but our Bucharest-Romania multi-instrumentalist and metallic singer Liviu Gugui with his compatriots: Cuza Penescu (drums), Andrei Costan (guitars) and Silviu the bass player helping him to make a different anthem via these maniacal surrogate of noisy riff-age and distorted sounds for The Future Started Yesterday which eventually, not trying to pretend that sometimes the music may burst-out like twigs of more Classic Heavy Metal branches or some sub-genre format but generally – you will be satisfied enough for having either Metallica, Deep Purple or other humorous, ironic and brave or sincere like a incoming blast of Heavy Rock form via 11th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Get Caught), No Day Like Today, Nation – Tagged to Freefall and Hope Left For Dying. 

Eastern Europe’s Metal-music scene must been busy on their own this years. 

The Future Started Yesterday: