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Wheels Own Thing (Animal World 2005)

   Celebrating the underdog recording did shortly after the vision from the father onto these sisters that they’re going to be big as Dot, Betty, Helen and (occasionally) Rachel making a family band and calling it The Shaggs from Fremont, New Hampshire which onlt lasted to one releasing record and now the newer generation whom just found out about these girls or being told by legends like Frank Zappa calling it better than the fab-four of Liverpool to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain adding the album to his Favorable fives; the V.A Better Than The Beatles: A Tribute to The Shaggs really filled up with many newcomers and mostly, a fanatic fans that insisting to make this recording not just a plan but a real album for listening and you might not regret them for trying to make these simple good tracks sounding different or just being the way they’re with slightly little changes or refreshment just the re-capturing essentials: Optiganally Yours on You’re Something Special to Me, the calmer effects of organ over Who Are Parents by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 through the semi-acoustic peaceful feelings stumble within My Cutie (Mongrell), Deerhoof playing My Pal Foot Foot and R. Stevie Moore & The Olsiewicz-Chusid Ensemble on  My Companion with the chance that you would sing along as the great mid-tempo cover off We Have a Savior by Bauer completed the surroundings Jangle-Pop or Indie-Pop memorizing the best of The sister’s trio facing fame.