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Waiting To Die (Glitterhouse Records 2005)

   From the Northern cold of Stavanger, Norway the melodic spells or lyrics for the pleasure soft ballad filled within madness mix shall once again glowing the air within its presentations as the quartet of this Norwegian Country-Rock band: Helldorado riding from inside the thick dark mist of Winter-age to spreading their sadness themed of tragic, broken-hope to spooky themes toward the second recording release there as burning flame of both lust and jealousy blending into one particular objective tracks which written, composed and recorded by Dag S Vagle on vocals/guitar, Hans A Wassik the bass player, Morten Jackman behind the drum-set or Bard Halsne the guitarist whom just like a dreaming session of Americana, Noir-Rock, Surf music or Mariachi-Indie Rock tension rising high from the lowest temperature to making your confusing heart goes warmer with the neat solos, pretty much licks and many melodies to offers here via The Ballad of Nora Lee. 
Just like a semi-cheap novel published to public with the Mexican trumpet or mighty ballads and subculture combinations; you may regret it if you didn’t take your chance to know Ms. Nora Lee a bit closer, kiss her lips, cuddle her as your hands pressing the breasts firmly until the songs like Helltown, The Black Winds, Just like Fire, Down to The Water or Honky Tonk Aliens letting the last confirms of The Devil’s Kiss and A Drinking Song becomes whether her funeral themes or yours to regret …

The Ballad of Nora Lee: