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Veuves Guerre (Twilight Records 2005)

Concluded as like the recording debut off your tolerable Industrial, Electro-machine music which blending Classic Goth-Pop with Theatrical Avant-Garde music sounded like a true soundtrack as a memorable prophecy towards some point on two-thousand twelve by December cold where the Earth’s crust shall moving heavily as well as the shifting of poles shaking the seas and oceans and lands being drown to the fearless dead leaders by revenge is the ultimate nightmare of counter-balancing Industrial Music led towards Storm of Capricorn’s album Retours Des Trachees; master-minding by a mysterious yet no gentleman – Serge Usson with his lady of mystic scent – Celine. 
By military brass sound sections to the Neo-Folk machine music that binding tight on to the track-lists, one by one you and the rest of the listeners shall feel the density horrible taste within terrors and errors of the devastating natural disasters, war onto how humanity destroys their own only house place by multiplying or intoxicating the soils and other elements on it with creations, innovations and progresses. 
Ultime Lever De Soleil, Des Visages Dans La Boue to Honneur A Nos Braves and The Boy’s Who Won’t Come Home tells you the hope-loss that penetrates us as the minutes pass.

Retours Des Tranchees: