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Vetus Espiritus (Bakerteam Records 2014)

   Promising and potentially can be a presence off Curitiba, PR for representing Brazilian’s Heavy Metal savior of the scene music that every Metal-heads would gladly agree and follows as they’re head-banging to the group’s technical skills performance to bring the fresher sounds and attitude over the timing conquers for this genre to ruling the Pop-Culture again as the vocals in high-toned reaches greatness, the guitars riffing like crazy but awesome and the power dunker drumming released these tracks and recording from Kattah, our the five-piece band consisting of Roni Sauaf, Victor Brochard, Daylton Carvalho, Fabiets Machado and Ruy Correia F. Jr teasing their rocking Symphonic Power Metal attributes and noises towards the secondary album called Lapis Lazuli which brought the background story like you being thrown back in time somewhere when Prince of Persia still struggles to rule his territories scattered after the civil wars as those faith reign for thus worshiping a true one Pagan god of the Near East with the contains of Arabic melodies to traditional Middle Eastern-tinged touch via Alpha Centauri, Rebirth of Pharaohs, Behind The Clay, You Will Never Dead to The Hidden Voice or A Capoeira that unites the charges for a new energy on a real Heavy Metal mixing for the likes of Iron Maiden, Avantasia, Megadeth, more metallic and Progressive music signs are here as our Alpha Century.

Lapis Lazuli: