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Vanishing Impossible (Graveface Records 2006)

   Monster Movie is the British’s Dream-Pop band consisting of names like Christian Savill, James Harrison or Sean Hewson releasing the forth recording from themselves and the musical career for this group since then turning to be stagnant but keeps on coming creative and updated. The magnificent sweetening melodies or the harmony background vocals mesmerizing enough to lullabying the audiences to half-past eternal sleeps through All Lost – the record which may bombarding your ears with the heavy rainy mixtures of both soften distorting and excellent imaginative atmosphere built by the track-listings written and composed by the band there like Hope I Find The Moon, The Stars that Surround You, Return to Yesterday, Run to The Heart of The Sunrise to Vertical Planes; pleasuring any good loving listeners of The Beatles-era, the odd mixture of Soda-Pop and Country formats and Briton’s finest and general Pop music sounds !

All Lost: