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Vacant State (Rebellion/Pirates Press 2014)

   With the Irish-based cultural of Oi/Street-Punk/Hardcore music stance; these Vancouver, BC semi-legendary group Bishops Green really forcing their non-luck but angst and protests through the lyrics way over the recording – Pressure as leading roles as the fast standard music cranking loud with your anthem of sing-along choruses like the mixture of Right-winged and the leftist rocks within the Christian background or secular roaming posture believed that can fight the fucking system that consuming the poor and nurturing the bad and the rich ones since the beginning of civilization period of wealth. Whether we got it from Adam Payne, Greg Huff to Scott Farquarson to Sean Spear screaming out the tracks of rebellions via Another Door, Gross & Net, Rat Race to Night Terror as they’re believe in doesn’t matter that nothing would stays the same because we all needing the changes within this world, this life , this moment – is now !