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Underworld Flowers (Aesthetic Death Records 2016)

   Cernunnos skulls incarnated into something complete by package as your interest through the blending of forbidden noise sounds blending of Ambient Industrial to Funeral Doom Metal mastery by these Russian natives group as being in line-up for Horth, Sadist, Dmitry Kim and Vaarwel in quartet have brought evil, mysticism and darkness as your ultimate revelations for revolution against the external modern realm and society; as the old ancient and sophomore magic ways putting back as the frontal basic beliefs for the band to releasing their wrath music extremely via the third recordings – Downstream. 
   As one can see the symbols and the strong harassment over the kindness – slays and wiping out by pagan culture’s beats and dark magic curses to the world beyond this which secretly, open by thus tracks swallowing the lights as you can feel them within White Sea, Orphan, Of Bone and Sinew and The Waylayer (A Great Spring Hunger) among others. See them closer or focused not only upon the attacks but the pain and lost burning church bells like tow of sorrows knocking softly on your doors at the midst of Winter's icy shower.