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Uncle Deebo Welcome (Quarrier Press 2010)

A children story-teller and winning the West Virginia state liars contest for several times will making Bill Lepp names a listener’s digest for full laughing as he’s coming as a stage comedian as well through the non-musical and stand-up comedy spoken words stories via Vampire Santa which delivering a little bit sarcastic a’la a side-splitting man whose also a dog owner, good dad and you might smiling or burst in laugh too while listening to the guy himself within thus Strike Anywhere Matches or Jell-O Ballons to Reading Cooper and Burning Haywood because it’s okay because it’s freaking funny here. 
Some might not considering him a funny guy but after few minutes attachments for the stretched ideas sets off via our Eagle Scout man doing his Scout in Action thingy – then your laugh would be stretching wider and burst out as well as the questioning of what on earth is Vampire Santa really means answered in tickling laughable story itself later. 

Vampire Santa: