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Unchained Fire (Not On Label 2012)

   Melodic like Speed Metal ala the Germanic legend - Helloween and Death Metal slamming like the wounded Arch Enemy version but never failure to catch your attentions there within the misery of whether the forbidden riffs and the enslaving technology; these Japanese all-girls group formed in Osaka named Galmet consisting of growler/vokilist Miki, double shredders fucking loud Ayano and Ruki to bassist Ama thrown their perfect second recording here upon the sensual artworks, metallic power heavy heaven music and banging loud blasts via Dawn of The Rebellion as those Metal-Core, Modern Cross-Over noise, lead solos like made out of Hell and nu-thrashy tempos shall “Keep Your Faith” for a prolonging good spirit over heavy louder fucking music with the beasty Road to The Legend, Dreamer, Eternal Rain, Bullet for The Undead and Before The Beginning. 
A definite heaven of manna from these fallen angels of the East wrapping the loves and hatred you needed from heavy music incarnations today so the next question of What’s Mine ? not too damn ask but listen …

Dawn of The Rebellion: