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Twisted Altar Sin (Memento Mori 2016)

   Entombed meets Emperor meets Malevolent Creation on the altar of madness  spawns of Classic Death Metal crushing influences brought by this Portland, OR’s finest lesser-known Witch Vomit as the consisting members like J.G, Tony Thomas to Vincent Van Dell are destructively born and forming the band for an ultimate annihilation over the living world as the debut album A Scream From Tomb Below tells everything possible that can happens towards our fatality lives today. 

Ripped from The Crypt, Screams from Purgatory to Witch Cunt or Primal Rite of Death both music and lyrics horrendously, showing how death vigorously dancing on the monument of decaying mankind under your skin.     

Gruesome and may leaving you tormented open in many wounds to death on the corner ...

A Scream From The Tomb Below: