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The World Your Side (Giant Electric Pea 1994)

   Once again there’s no closing era for any of Prog-Rock ensemble  in humanity’s rock history and the truth then again, showing how a British’s Neo-Classic Progressive Rock named Jadis realizing their dreams here as the group’s forth album – Across The Water remarkably; pasting the essential keyboards play from whether Genesis, Rutherford, Peter Gabriel to Collins in the mixed out beautiful taste of sounds creatively created by the band members like Gary Chandler, Arman Vardanyan or Andy Marlow respectively beyond the excessive power-supply from Jadis as it called an album by them. Releasing the various relaxing but also demanding focus from the listeners to transferring the band soul-leader purposes onto sharing for as many as the attendant of audiences being attracted by the inclusive musical ability and skills over the awesome front cover to how your good friends turning the band into a derivative assembly for those who longing for great Prog-Rock/Hard Rock connections like In Isolation, Daylight Fades, Everywhere I Turn to No Sacrifice as the soloing pleasure and time-wreckers project of good adult oriented rocks. 

Two thumbs up goes to these guys ! 

Across The Water: