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The Van (Translation Loss 2016)

Call of The Void might sounded like a bunch of Sabbath followers trying to deafening people within their excessive Doomy Metal riffs but fortunately, it’s not really a certified Doomsters for you except you liking Hardcore Metal firing out like a canon shoot that can blow up the entire base-camp of enemies with several good shots on it. Like no harness needed to attach on your extreme flavored music sounds like the blast of this E.P album within the recording AYFKM (might stands for: Are You Fucking Kidding Me) featuring the angry energy from Alex Pace, Gabe Morales, Gordon Koch or Patrick Alberts – stamping your forehead with these mighty recording release and the triple skulls of semi-occultism respectively, scares most of the conservatives or the ignorant ones having the relevant sub-themes about crimes and violence in real life like Throwing Bullets or On and On because you would get this Hardcore music like Never Enough.