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The Pus Gaydog (Mighty Music 1999)

Copenhagen offers for loyal Death Metal militants maybe can be tracing through the kicker-ballsy movements carried out by Classic Death Metal extremists group like Corpse Vomit as five-piece metal-heads putting their madness mayhem altogether within the standard tempo of destructive heavy Metal music as being performed by Molesting Mike (vocals), Anal Al and Caco Cezo (guitars), Cape Cum (bass) and Murder (drums) reaping your anxiety towards kindness and loving care which is dead forever to them but violence and torturing of your neighbors, girlfriends or stranger which might aiming for the attacking actions towards women in general just like the cover of their parental guidance recording debut of Drowning In Puke. Growling vocals, mixtures of slow, heavy and deadly fast tempos or the brutal lyrics admitting the violent-pleasure for the raping or kills might be a very negative offers this band to sharing out worldwide. But taking for no granted and ignores the collective swarming protests and carry on louder to the focused tracks of bloody tormenting and dead bodies everywhere type of images via Reeking Cunt, In The Grip of Autumn, Maggots Eating My Dick, Hurdibrehan as to Diswmbowelment of Rotten Fetus, etc. 

Kill now or be killed after getting tortures ! 

Drowning in Puke: