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The Night (Bandcamp 2009)

Meet your new goddess of Modern Rock whom shall conquering the Pop-culture world within her Indie-rock powerful haunting and mystically erotic to listen and may causing you great broken-hearted pain when she’s not there to sing or performance anymore. Such a talented beauty brunette girl with high-pitched nor standard rocking howls that might tearing your stereo apart like Aphrodite releasing her arrows straight onto the dying lover’s hearts using the releasing album – Walls; Margot MacDonald smashing gorgeous young voice would cleansing the new faith onto your feelings while the awesome one-female band projects as song-writer, performer and looper since CMJ music discovered her by festival – as empowered by thus striking melodies and lush vocals over the ten miraculous tracks relevant to the realm of present days as the patriotic, conservative, democratic and Christians-themed principles collectively turning into one blend of music such the facts example can be shown here within Freewheeling, Hold On, Complicated, Shattered to some cover tunes classic like the mighty epic of Immigrant Song or Paint It Black might surprising you about how amazing this lovely girl rocking your moments !