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The Martian Way (Not On Label 2012)

   Another presentations of music sounds available when your ears just catching the soft and funky mellow tones from elsewhere floating by the smooth wind tonight and the coffee or half-cold beer already giving the head a good measurement whether it’s single night out or you having trouble with your quarreling wife or boring family at home but don’t wanted to go out and cheats. 
Then, Jazz music carrying its instrumental performance with high stills and techniques really squeezing your way to drop-off and moving to the right direction; going to thus small alley and following the louder beats of cool Jazz instrumental music from somewhere. 
Dark but never could stopping your steps to find the place of thus Avant-Garde/Post-Bop Jazzy tunes played by the trio of Anteater: Jacob Zimmerman the saxophonist, Kim Cass on upright bass and percussionist Sam Ospovat lending their half-commercial, good harmonies, sad tunes or remarkable hopes through the self-titled which presented by the songs of Blackupuncture, Form 1311 and Narrow Gauge and there you have it – the old lounge behind the unmarked old town spot where people may finding happiness but forever won’t coming back; some said the reptilians ate them.