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The Fall Of Pop (M & O Music 2011)

Magnificent skills and the seemingly, terrorizing trap of blasting tempos sounded like the insidious version of Slipknot with their scary masks too put on by the members and then, proudly reclaiming their spots on the French’s underground metallic music scene under the baptized name – 6:33 with the mixture bursting loud explosive on harsh musical and extreme cautioned to be heavily influenced by Devin Townsend, Fear Factory or violent music-based brought to the modern mainstream world by great weirdy music producers like Danny Elfman to Ennio Moricone; these Parisiens (Ile-De-France) Diestrich von Schtrudle (keyboards), Niko (guitars), Rorschach (vocals) and S.A.D (bass) releasing the relentless music via Orphan of Good Manners where Metal-Core and Grin-Death Metal embracing the Nu-Metal vomits extracting within Progressive collaborating and Power Metal militant sounds by dilemma as the insanity remains the best true thing leads the main framed music as well as Mr. Bungle’s legacy to the last Faith No More classics touch reborn again on Berella, Black Becky or Drunk in Krakow while Little Silly Thing in two parts will never feels like a mistake to you after the probability added much onto the destructive essence.

Orphan of Good Manners: