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The Breeze (Bandcamp 2015)

By the likes of Neil Young, John Prine, Doc Watson or Roscoe Holcomb; the essential Americana music mixed with Folk-Rock Country and North Carolina roots sounds performing by Rob Nance and The Lost Souls through Signal Fires really would capturing your interest for the wilder sides of the Midwest, the Rocky Mountain misty echoes at the end of the Autumn, the vast limitless death valley or other deserted areas with some inches didn’t quite charted yet perhaps as the ultimate harmony and melodies released with the great supervising line-up of Dylan Schrader (guitars), Zach Strum (drums), Jordan Nance (bass) and Rob Nance (guitars, vocals) working comfortably to sharing these song-written music and perfect alibis not to sounded too macho or smart but sociable within environmental and out-doors lyrics of ideas like those that you can daily heard via Different Ways to Lie, Nightbirds, Landslide Town to No Gold – searching for the presence of hope within fate to see the better ways not the prospects for profits more than you needed to take or get …

PS. If you like Soul Asylum talking too damn much Folkish-Country music; you'll like this !

Signal Fires: