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The Border (Virgin 1989)

Bankstatement isn’t just a word but an actual New Wave/Pop-Rock sophomore band formed by Tony Banks of Genesis with his background as a former of one thus legends in Progressive Rock realm; the greater harmonization over vocals, musical arrangements and composing good record by tracks with his compatriots of male and female musicians/singers – Jayney Klimek and Alistair Gordon through this group as they’re managed to release a solo project album for the genesis keyboardist within this self-titled. Credits, debits or the balance of thus measuring and calculations won’t be sounded disappointed while you trying the recording on your stereo where songs of Soft-Pop and Pop-Rock sounded peaceful and non-ridicule to catch by our mainstream charts for loving them on Throwback, I’ll Be Waiting, Queen of Darkness, Raincloud to That Night; telling that hopes are still clinging around the tip-points of life for you to collect for the future days Prog-pops.