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Tender Hearts (The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2013)

Did you know that Brooklyn did have a Desert-Psych Rock group (soon shall making a society) for the Big Apple Indie Rock scene with the quite essential Pop-sense but wrapping more by the old days of seventies era Psychedelic or Post-Alternative Pop or anything you had in mind for some Retro-presentations products from the quartet of Tommy Eisner (vocals, guitars), Eyal Lidergot (guitars), Matteo Arias (bass) and Justin Smith (drums) proclaiming themselves as Golden Animals as the band’s second recording releases ready and hit the store by no time on Hear Eye Go that might spreading the hypnotic assembling of future mixed and the past melodic sounds that can giving the listeners an acute addiction as they’re beginning to play the materials from track-lists. 
Most My Time, The Letter, You Don’t Hear Me Now, Never Was Her Name or The Same Road may easily led onto the nostalgic stories and the tragic background of urban tales in a very long time ago or just nearly fake folklore but the most pressing would be for those whom finding how the related news rhyming with some tunes creates here. What an unfortunate romantic coincidence … 

Here Eye Go: