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Tamarak Tree (Virgin Records America Inc. 1997)

   Alternative Rock or Alternative Modern Metal might be just a term for making us confusing to describe the branches of Rock’s popular music genres that seems to be added more truthful than the manipulative alien stories with Cellophane – the Californian quartet rocker’s line-up: Shannon Crawford (vocals), Doug Ardito (bass), Mark Bistany (drums) and John Chase (guitars) releasing their self-titled recording back in the late nineties era as being part of the inviting bands to play Ozz-Fest with the Prince of Darkness himself on stage and touring around US soils with many great names in Extreme Metal music community at the time. Grungy mixes with Groovy Heavy Rock and slower Heavy Metal with wings to fly might touching the blur reality inside the listeners mind by using thus melodic solo riffs and harmony bass-line patterns over No One in The End, Cut Away, I Crave You Gone, I’m So Glad You Came to Here We Lay or Down – ready to box anyone up the staging level but not quite a survivor group by the moving of time around them to stay productive.