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Swingline Grace (Island Records 1982)

After thirty-three years being the lead figure for Noise-Artistic Rock band Gentle Giant and he also a singer and of course, guitar virtuoso can be tracing not only for the group legacy works but on the soloist recording albums like the debut one from Robert Steven Belew widely known for the music world as Adrian Belew here – Lone Rhino.
Working with many legendary names like Talking Heads to Frank Zappa and Nine Inch Nails; this guy reveals his own creation works via talents and creative ideas based on the Avant-Garde naturalist themes or the Progressive Rock imaginative with the helping from Christy Bley (acoustic piano, vocals), William Janssen (alto/baritone saxophone, vocals) and J. Clifton Mayhugh (bass/fretless guitars, vocals) serving a very well-mannered Rock N’ Roll trip to heaven of perseverance in widespread fantastic art-musical ensemble mixing of various type of genres you would love to listen to it pretty well mostly at any time while trying to fix the mess made by modern world to the wilderness within Big Electric Cat, The Man on The Moon, Na├»ve Guitar or Adidas in Heat – singing good, driving his guitar skills and creates lots of prominent mixture of noise that you can calling them music … 

Lone Rhino: