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Sufi Disco (Wonderwheel Recordings 2009)

   Don’t hesitate to get too suspicious not to trying and find that you might be just followed by The Spy Of Cairo; a protégé solo project of Arab-Dub compilation recording sounds made creatively by Moreno Visini also known a bit as Zeb or The Pleb but here this man had his time miraculously plenty with thus enriched tempos and infamous traditional sample, live music or noises describing the surroundings of Arabic neighborhood through the Middle East or North Africa via music to the world. From Electronic, Folk, Dub, Down-tempo and Break-Core that matters; Blood and Honey (vocals by Ghalia Benali) also Bennaty with Ghalia Benali – onto Saidi The Man, Leila or Kurdish Night onto Reggada must be really might amazed you how particularly various the Arabic World music heritage meets the modern beats must be sounded like in the recording of Secretly Famous … 

Secretly Famous: