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Strand Lucid (Luxury/Through Love 2017)

   Not as oldie Classic as Nina Parsson and co. but proudly more jangled in Pop beats even you might seen sadness buried under the simple lyrics and music made by these Gothenborg’s Indie Pop band – Agent Bla consisting of five: Arvid Christensen, Josefine Tack, Felix Skorvald, Emelie Alatalo and Lucas Gustavsson wasn’t trying to be the next Cardigans but shows that they’re able to manipulates the newer generation to liking them more than just another big thing covered by the music media as the self-titled album shown us how lovely the standard tempos and melody making on tracks like (Don’t Talk to Stranger or Rote Learning might concluded the stars whose may have born again as non-super heroes there …

Agent Bla: