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Staanger Full Mom (Bandcamp 2014)

   As the real name of our Rapper is Bar S as he bred in Montclair – New Jersey, USA but made of Israel; based himself in Brooklyn and with talents and smart moves creating the poetic to the social protests to the daily topics available the same time as the sirens, the urban beats or the clicking of the guns struggles to survived the big city rivalry and then, stumbles as the new figure of Bad Zip releasing his shit hits (or) recording album through Foul Play within the tremendous mixing virtually fast as the coincident everything you hear is on purpose since October being launch this an album – as you got the blending Hip-Hop beats with the truly mixed samples both retro and classic or newer tempos created inside the levels of songs from the depth to the higher ones via Level Two, Deli Wrap, Dat Juice, In The Sun to Animu Tiddies and Meds as possible as wiped out your stereo system to the closest fantasy of Underground trippy chill bars and beats and weed and female vocals because yes, Bad Zip is a curly girl for yours to enjoy for ending this Saturday night for a partner to take home to in style ! 

Foul Play: