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Spook De Leiffartshof (Maddening Media 2008)

   From Landgraaf, Limburg (The Netherlands) comes the ultimate Black Metal Symphonic acts without the detailed trademark Cross-Over format like the country used to offers to the global world – now, the end is near with the releasing of this – Lammendam, the debut album from Carach Angren; the Dutch’s darkened pleasure of raw and brutal extremists terror-group consisting of Namtar (drums, percussions), Seregor (guitars, vocals) and Ardek (keyboards, piano, orchestrations, vocals) written their horrific lyrics and music based on the presence of the real horror haunting, ghost stories, legends and folklore which traditionally, still affecting many people these days. Like the horse’s eye seeing immediate danger of a troubled soul spirit appears in front of it; you too shall feel the terrifying effects of harmonic eerie piano play scratching the sense or your nerves being tortured by the blasting drum-beats that cracking or tears you up like a piece of an old sheet – worthless. Bow down to the empowered beasty tracks of Corpses in a Nebulous Creek, Invisible Physic Entity, Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena or Haunting Echoes from The Seventeenth Century will forever grab you by the fear since the first time you hearing them at the misty raining night.