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Sperm From The Beast (Bandcamp 2017)

   Thrash Metal mixed with a boner for sexually libido rising or a Death Metal sensual mentally addiction to torture and kill after raping in essential disfigurement of sounds as the distorted heavy riffs to the devastating drumming blasts as well as the solo/intro melodic that slays hard to your ears protecting the non-innocent nurses to be banging by patient x army inside the small clinic when the time isn’t perfectly right and Dick Vomit releasing this pathetic superb metallic-tempos album entitled - Terminally Chill within eleven faster tracks like the whips from hell-house to the slave’s back on doing labor jobs expanding evil and crimes everywhere. From guitarist/vocalist Richard Puke to Peter Piss the drummer to Scrotty Iommi on bass and their interpretive dancer/sensitive artist  Fozzy Quazar off Macungie, Pennsylvania given the retarded Heavy Metal extreme music drills onto your head by The Unholy Ejaculator, Wrath of the Goatsucker and Fetus Snatcher may sharing the same visible madness today ! 

Terminally Chill: