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Sorvahr Naschtok (Transmission Records 2003)

   The regenerated project musical of Symphonic Power Metal Epic which written, composed and compiles as it recorded brilliantly as a primary idea created by Sascha Paeth – once the guitarist for Heaven Gate and an engineer forming this group: Aina with Amanda Sommerville, Miro, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo, Ruben Monge Perez and many more as the resulting co-working can be seen and enjoyed through the debut recording Days of Rising Doom – The Metal Opera that almost perfectly, combines the essential elements of Lords of The Ring, Traditional Classic Metal, Heavy Metal Broadway to Viking/Celtic heritage music and sounds that will teasing you up once you try these harmony and empowered format kinds of Heavy Rock musical from Aina within the tracks like Silver Maiden, Flight of Torek to Rape of Oria and Serendipity; Talon’s Lost Hope (demo), Ve Toura Sol (Ainae version) to The Beast Within really would capture at least, half parts of excitement to any Heavy Metal Symphonic lovers to witnessing the good compositions rebirth on the Progressive Operatic half-best Harmony Rock sessions that gladly – kicked ass. 

Days of Rising Doom: