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Solaris Ships (Bandcamp 2016)

Aggressive Post-Hard Rock and Space Rock- Shoegaze metallic guitar sounds over the tracks like Existor, Eject, Star Doctor, Beginnings, In Your, Left Behind You or Sermon really would surprising you about how the Progressive Rock can transforming itself towards the existing standard musical performance by the trio from Joliet, Illinois named Modern Planets as consisting of Pete Aimaro (guitars), Stephen Becker (bass) and Jeremy Stofko (drums) all-righty reserved using these ten songs of instrumental Rock experiments music through the showcase album – Blood Moon.  If perhaps, those moon explorations or other tricky business beyond the red planet or other exo places are real or fake; just realized that the technology in actual really can grabbing your attentions by the minutes and turn things inside-out to make you believe in once again to the news. As the rover runs on that vast alienated world of sand dunes …

Blood Moon: