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Social Borders (Bandcamp 2008)

Furious, harsh, not too raw with the mixing of aggressive Street-Punk and Hardcore Old-School exclusive and absurd vomiting protests lyrics and themes against the corporate new world that trying to enslaving you all as the non-popular blasting the explosive five-piece group from Ravensburg, Germany as the line-up consists of vocalist ID, guitarists Raini and Harry, bassist Stepke to drummer Robi as wider as them who loves for being slammed by the music sounds providing by The Unseen or The Casualties with more aggro-developments crushing the enemies which obey to deleted your presence out. The releasing of these short-living violent group – Obtrusive on Cross The Line may becoming their debut and goodbye delivers toward the imbecile world of the riches, the corrupt kings and the secret opponents to be trembled before them and their characterized themed songs like Destroy The Remained, Their System Falls, Justice for Sale, N.K.O.C or United Suckers Army – mayhem is upon us but aiming for the bastard millionaires creeping for more abusive acts against humanity and environmental of this pity world.

Cross The Line: