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Smartass Spitfire (Stomp Records 2014)

   Unstoppable Punk-Rock juggernaut crew hailing themselves from Montreal, Quebec; Boids boisterous record of We Stalk Each Other Like Animals might needed to have a good parental advisory for the real meaning of it but on the second thoughts, who the fuck cares as these boiling muscles of fast tempos delivering unit crashing their anthems on facing the freaky new world of chaos and consumptive clans’s ruling class where being different, weird, poor or unique could giving you a fucking disaster lives except you following the modern-day behaviors like those silly stupid fucks. 
Milligrams of semi-Thrash/Hardcore and plenty Pop-Punk natural-hooks really painting this album as a rebel choice – especially, for them whose being a big fans of Circle Jerks, Rancid and melodic Punk-core to satisfying protests lyrics to written down, play on loud and sing along while you’re on the streets fighting the false order personalities power of the global planet through Back in My Arms, Wheels, Hong Kong Candy, Humble in The Jungle to Gamma Rays. 

We Stalk Each Other like Animals: