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Skid Row You (Bandcamp 2016)

   A.K.A The young godless of the internet ghost chasing the dreams as being influenced by great grief, negative vibes, medication, substance of depression, blue sky black death to the sleepless and hibernation as the creative figure here known as Skinxbones from Neo-Manila; impressively – making these tracks over Distances and Xanax within the complicated suicidal cloud Rap or Dead Hop or Post Swag Emo-Trap to Drone-Hop or Rivotrillwave-motional as many more newer sub-genre of music taken out or blends from Hip-Hop or Rap instrumentals with Rn’ B, Alternative Soul, Indie Rock and Trip-Hop tremor beats like you got them here already recorded slightly good even though it’s only private sessions but one shall finding how unique the songs being written and composed here like Worst of Me, Eyebags, Collider, Bohemian Grove to How So ? feat. Nemesis Q or Ghost in The Shell feat. Omega will expanding your nurturing minds in search for more learning fusion off how massive and various Hip-Hop/Rap has becoming to turn in many differences like this Filipino’s instrumental musical album. 

Distances and Xanax: