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Sailors Serpents (Hopeless Records 2015)

   An excellent statement for being positively steps forward by using Life’s Not Get Out to Get You from the recording release of these Wrexham, Wales’ Emo-Pop band Neck Deep probably, would be a statement from bunch of teenage kids who just graduating from high-school or college and didn’t really taste how the real world actually works but the reasons why Ben Barlow, Dani Washington, Fil Thorpe-Evans, Lllyod Roberts and Matt West or Sam Bowden are thus names being the guidance of melodic musical experience made to conducting not only the skaters anthem sing-along or geeky kids inventing their ideas for better bigger picture than lazing around might have to get our two thumbs up lightly and attention of respects on both. 
Harmony chorus, background vocals, amazing fast tempo and Pop-Punk spirits of being young always shall never sounded wrong forever and you know it as life still will be brilliant and colorful not to left behind but taste them all just like the pleasure of the youth themes via Threat Level Midnight, Gold Steps, Kali Ma, Can’t Kick Up The Roots and many more tracks of fortunes defeating the misfortunes as you needs to go out and leave thus stuck-pidity once a while and take your skateboard or bicycle and killing the time and process some energy outside. 

Life's Not Out To Get You: