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Rocket Safer (Bandcamp 2012)

   Might be a Regina’s answer for Paramore with these Pop-rocker for bringing their Alternative Rock music ahead of just little closely to the surface of mainstream because the sounds really selling and the female vocalist with orange hair – Allysia Kerney whom also playing keyboards with guitarist Vic Roman, Jeremy Pilon on bass with Mike van Betuw on drum-set remarkably writing their own materials and recorded them nicely through the setting album of These Blue Walls Are Faking Freedom and The Criminal Kid starting to had their steps further front chasing fame if they can keep managing this good music making in the near future. 

Pop balancing as Indie Rock strikes you out by October Song, The Lion, Skeletin to Little Wind – sending prospect brighter for these Regina Pop-rock heads to continuing their adventures. 

These Blue Walls Are Faking Freedom: